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by:NJPE     2020-02-14
In the numerical control lathe processing, what matters should the operator pay attention to in order to better carry out the numerical control lathe processing. Although it is similar to the processing of ordinary lathes, because the CNC lathe is a clamping and continuous automatic processing to complete all turning processes, there are some places that are different and need our special attention. Matters needing attention in CNC lathe processing include: 1. Selecting reasonable cutting parameters, economical and effective processing methods must be reasonable selection of cutting conditions. Cutting speed, feed rate and cutting depth will directly cause tool damage. If the cutting speed is increased, the tip temperature will rise and mechanical, chemical and thermal wear will occur. Generally, if the cutting speed is increased by 20%, the tool life will be reduced by 1/2. Users should choose and use the appropriate cutting speed according to the material to be processed, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed rate, cutting depth, etc, regular and stable wear is an ideal condition. 2. Reasonable selection of tools (1) When turning rough, tools with high strength and durability should be selected to meet the requirements of rough turning. (2) When finishing, tools with high precision and good durability should be selected to ensure the requirements of machining precision. (3) In order to reduce tool change time and facilitate tool setting, machine clamping knife and machine clamping blade should be used as much as possible. 3. Reasonable selection of fixtures (1) Try to use a universal fixture to clamp the workpiece, not a special fixture. (2) Parts positioning datum should coincide, thus reducing positioning error. 4. Determine the processing route (1)Should be able to ensure machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements. (2) Shorten the processing route as much as possible, thus reducing the empty travel time of the tool. The above is the whole content of the article, which is explained here for reference only! Unless noted, the article is original for Tiecheng mechanical numerical control machining center, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/
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