A clear division of responsibilities of large mechanical processing and quality requirements

by:NJPE     2020-07-04
Large mechanical processing before work wear protective equipment should be prohibited to wear gloves and scarves, before start the machine tool must know about the use and operation method, each handle check each part of the machine tool running normally, must use in front of the machine to start the wrench clamping tool and workpiece. Large precision machining in without know personnel are not allowed to start the machine, with the permission of the machine to start the former do not allow the speed change, sweep or measurements, etc, are not allowed to touch the running parts, machine tools, such as a foreign body found or scraps are not allowed to use the hand to pick up or blow with the mouth. Large mechanical processing at work if found loose items or equipment when there are abnormal need to stop immediately, after the operation, should be cleaning tools and cleaning the machine work place, don't put the cutting tool, workpiece, and other items in the machine tool work surface. Large mechanical processing in the work are not allowed to use hand to touch the cutting tool, workpiece and other moving parts, no body will depend on the machine so as not to cause other accident, two people at the same time operating a machine, to have a clear division of responsibilities, cooperate closely. Control the quality of the raw materials: high quality raw material is prerequisite to produce high quality products, our company use of 40 cr material and 45 steel gear. No matter what, by raw materials to the factory after the chemical composition of go through strict inspection, determination of grain size, purity assessment. Its purpose is to timely adjust the heat treatment deformation, improve the quality of tooth profile processing. Gear transmission noise has more than 30% of the causes from the burr, knock against injury. Some factories in front of the gear box assembly, remove burrs and knocked wounded, is a passive approach to dealing with organizational readiness. That should be paid attention to in normalizing or quenched and tempered treatment, be sure to keep the furnace temperature uniformity, and the workstation, parts evenly heating and cooling, are strictly prohibited to pile up together.
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