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There are many questions about numerical control machining, such as: how to monitor and adjust in the machining process? How to choose processing tools reasonably? How many factors are there in cutting parameters? How many kinds of cutting tools are there? How to determine the rotating speed, cutting speed and cutting width of the tool? What is the role of the processing program? What should be included in the processing procedure list? How to answer these questions is an important question, so Xiao Bian found some information from the Internet and summarized it.  The following will answer these questions separately.  The specific contents are as follows. 1. How to monitor and adjust during processing? After the workpiece is aligned and the program debugging is completed, it can enter the automatic processing stage. In the automatic machining process, the operator should monitor the cutting process to prevent workpiece quality problems and other accidents caused by abnormal cutting. Therefore, the following aspects are mainly considered in monitoring the cutting process :(1) The main consideration of rough machining for precision machining process monitoring is the rapid removal of excess allowance on the workpiece surface. In the automatic machining process of the machine tool, according to the set cutting parameters, the tool automatically cuts according to the predetermined cutting trajectory. At this time, the operator should pay attention to observe the change of cutting load in the automatic machining process through the cutting load table, adjust the cutting dosage according to the bearing capacity of the tool, and give full play to the maximum efficiency of the machine tool. (2) Monitoring of cutting sound in cutting process in the automatic cutting process, when cutting is generally started, the sound of cutting tools cutting workpieces is stable, continuous and brisk, at this time, the movement of the machine tool is stable. As the cutting process progresses, when there are hard points on the workpiece or tool wear or tool clamping, the cutting process is unstable, and the unstable performance is that the cutting sound changes, there will be mutual impact sound between the tool and the workpiece, and the machine tool will vibrate. At this time, the cutting parameters and cutting conditions should be adjusted in time.  When the adjustment effect is not obvious, the machine tool should be suspended to check the condition of the tool and workpiece. (3) Finishing process monitoring finishing is mainly to ensure the machining size and surface quality of the workpiece, with high cutting speed and large feed rate. At this time, attention should be paid to the influence of chip accumulation on the processed surface.  For cavity processing, attention should also be paid to the over-cutting and passing of knives at corners. For the solution of the above problems, first, attention should be paid to adjusting the spraying position of cutting fluid to make the machined surface at the best time]The cooling conditions; The second is to pay attention to the quality of the machined surface of the workpiece, and to avoid quality changes as much as possible by adjusting the cutting parameters. If the adjustment still has no obvious effect, it should be stopped to check whether the original procedure is reasonable. (4) Tool monitoring the quality of the tool largely determines the processing quality of the workpiece. In the process of automatic machining and cutting, the normal wear condition and abnormal damage condition of the tool should be judged through sound monitoring, cutting time control, suspension inspection during cutting, workpiece surface analysis and other methods. According to the processing requirements, the cutting tools should be handled in time to prevent the processing quality problems caused by the cutting tools not being handled in time. 2. How to choose processing tools reasonably? How many factors are there in cutting parameters? How many kinds of cutting tools are there? How to determine the rotating speed, cutting speed and cutting width of the tool? Hard alloy end milling cutter or end milling cutter shall be selected for plane milling. In general milling, secondary feed machining should be adopted as far as possible.  For the first feed, it is better to use end milling cutter for rough milling and continuous feed along the surface of the workpiece. The width of each pass is recommended to be 60% of the diameter of the tool-75%. End mills and end mills with hard alloy inserts are mainly used for machining bosses, grooves and box openings. Ball knives and round knives are often used to process curved surfaces and contoured shapes with variable oblique angles. The ball knife is mostly used for semi-finishing and finishing. Round knives with hard alloy knives are mostly used for roughening. 3. What is the role of the processing program? What should be included in the processing procedure list? The processing program is only one of the contents of the numerical control processing technology design, and is also a specification that requires the operator to abide by and execute.  It is a specific description of the processing program, the purpose is to let the operator know the contents of the program, the clamping and positioning methods, and the problems that should be paid attention to by the cutting tools selected in each processing program. The processing program list shall include: drawing and programming file name, workpiece name, clamping sketch, program name, the cutting tools used in each program, the maximum depth of cutting, machining properties, theoretical machining time, etc. Unless noted, the article is original for Tiecheng mechanical numerical control machining center, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/
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