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by:NJPE     2020-01-14

The processing of mechanical parts is an important work content for the mechanical processing factory.  It has become one of the work contents of the mechanical processing factory.  The previous small series has introduced the relevant content of mechanical processing, however, those are only a small part, and there is still a lot waiting for us to understand and learn, because the knowledge it contains is very rich.  Only by continuous learning can we continuously deepen our understanding, then let's take a look at it. 1. The production process refers to the process of transforming raw materials or semi-finished products into products.  It includes the following aspects: the technical preparation process refers to the process before the products are put into production, market research and prediction, identification of new products, process design and standardization review, etc. The process specification is the process of writing a reasonable and correct process into a technical document to guide production, and the specific description is written. Auxiliary production refers to normal auxiliary production activities, and these production activities are to ensure the smooth progress of production activities.  The production service process includes the organization, transportation, storage and storage of raw materials, there are also processes such as product sales and packaging. 2. The technological process here refers to the cutting of parts, which includes many processes, each of which includes stations, steps, passes, etc. , and the division is based on the location and continuity of the work. In the process, the step is the basic unit that constitutes the process. What is a knife? Simply speaking, it is to cut off the allowance on the machined surface of the workpiece, but the allowance cannot be too much.  If it cannot be in place at one time, it can be carried out in several steps. In the process, a processing position is called a station.  In most cases, the workpiece is installed only once in a process, but sometimes it may be installed many times. 3. The formulation of the process specification includes the requirements, steps and requirements for the formulation of the process specification.  Generally speaking, it should be economical and reasonable. The steps to formulate the process specification are: first determine the machine tool, clamping method, measurement method, precision machining allowance, Cutting Dosage, working hour quota, etc.  used in each process, these contents are then recorded in a certain form and made into a machining process card for the operator to refer. However, the parts are different, so their structural dimensions, precision requirements and surface roughness are also different, and the processing technology is also different, which may lead to several processing schemes, but one of them is definitely the most suitable, and we have to choose. When selecting, we should ensure that all the technical requirements of the parts can be met, so we must go through the process of repeated modification and gradual improvement, and finally become mature and reasonable. Unless indicated,
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