About what we don't understand knowledge introduction of mechanical parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-06-21
For mechanical parts processing, mechanical processing plants, is an important job content, it has become one of the job content of mechanical processing plants, small make up in front of the already to introduce the relevant contents of mechanical processing, but that is only a small part of, and there are many waiting for us to understand and learn, because it contains knowledge is very rich, only by constantly learning, constantly deepen understanding, that is to elaborate on below. 1. Production process is refers to the process of converting raw materials or semi-finished products to products, it consists of the following aspects as: technical preparation process, is refers to in the product before putting into production, to market research and forecasting, new product design, process of identification, and standardized examination, etc. Process planning is reasonable will write the correct process as used to direct production process of technical documents, specific text. Assist auxiliary production, is refers to the normal production, the production activities is to ensure that activities can go smoothly, production process, it includes the organization of raw materials, transportation, storage and storage, and the sales of products and packaging, etc. These processes. 2. Process here refers to the machining parts, it contains many processes, each process step, including location, industry and feed and so on, the division is based on the location of the work and continuity. Step in the process, work is to constitute the basic unit of process. What is a feed? Simply put, it is the treatment of the workpiece surface cutting allowance, but cut off allowance cannot too much, if not once in place, can be divided into a few steps. In the process, a processing location are called location, in most cases, in a process, workpiece installation only once, but sometimes, may also install several times. 3. Procedure formulation include formulating process code requirements, procedures and requirements, generally more economic and reasonable. Formulating procedure steps are: make sure used in various processes of machine tool, the clamping method, measurement method, cutting dosage and task time, precision machining allowance, then recorded the content by a certain form, made from machining process card, so that the operator refer to. But the parts are different, so the structure size, accuracy and surface roughness are also not the same, then the processing technology is also different, there may be several processing scheme, but one must have is the most suitable, we will choose. When the choice, should guarantee can satisfy the requirements of the all parts, so to pass again and again modification, the process of gradually improve, eventually become mature and rational. Unless specify, original articles for citizen machinery, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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