An overview of the nc machining a series of problems and expounds in details

by:NJPE     2020-06-17
On the nc machining, there are many problems, such as: how to monitor and adjust in process? How to choose reasonable tool? Cutting dosage of several key elements? There are several kinds of material of cutting tool? How to determine the speed of cutting tool, cutting speed, cutting width? What's the process sheet for? What contents should be included in the processing procedure of single? That how to solve these problems, it is an important problem, so small make up to find some information from the Internet, sums up, here are respectively to solve these problems, the concrete content is as follows. 1. The process of how to monitor and adjust? Artifacts are looking for and program debugging is completed, can enter the automatic processing stages. In the process of automatic processing, the operator to monitor the process of cutting, prevent abnormal cutting workpiece quality problem and other accidents. So, to monitor the process of cutting mainly consider the following aspects: ( 1) process monitoring roughing main consideration is the surface excess margin for quick removal. In the process of automatic processing machine tool, according to the set of cutting parameter, cutting tool according to the predetermined cutting trajectory automatic cutting. When the operator should be paid attention to by observation of cutting load table automatic processing in the process of cutting load changes, according to the strength of the cutting tool state, adjust the cutting dosage, exert the maximum efficiency of machine tool. ( 2) Cutting process monitoring in the process of automatic cutting, the cutting sound general started cutting, cutting tool cutting workpiece's voice is stable, continuous, brisk, the machine tool motion is smooth. As the cutting process, when have hard points on workpiece or tool wear or tool to send wait for a reason, after cutting process appear unstable and unstable performance is cutting sound change, will appear the sound between cutter and workpiece, machine tool vibration will occur. At this time should timely adjust the cutting depth and cutting condition, when adjusting the effect is not obvious, the machine shall be suspended, check the cutting tool and the workpiece. ( 3) Finishing process monitoring finishing mainly is to ensure that the workpiece precision machining dimension and surface quality, high cutting speed, feed is bigger. Attention should be paid attention to devolop the tumor's influence on the machining surface, for mold processing, also should pay attention to the corner and processed for a knife. To solve the above problems, one is to pay attention to adjust the position of the cutting fluid spray, make processing surface moment optimum] The cooling conditions; 2 it is to observe the workpiece machined surface quality, by adjusting the cutting dosage, avoid the change of the quality as much as possible. If adjustment is still has no obvious effect, should stop the prosecution the original program is reasonable. ( 4) Tool to monitor the quality of the cutting tool and machining of largely determines the quality. In the process of automatic processing cutting, through sound monitoring control, in the process of cutting, cutting time suspended inspection, the workpiece surface analysis methods such as judging tool normal wear condition and the status of the non-normal damage. According to the machining requirements of cutting tool processing in time, prevent produced by cutting tool is not handled in time and processing quality problem. 2. How to choose reasonable tool? Cutting dosage of several key elements? There are several kinds of material of cutting tool? How to determine the speed of cutting tool, cutting speed, cutting width? Plane milling should be chosen when not heavy or vertical milling cutter grinding hard alloy cutter. General milling, as far as possible using secondary feed processing, feed for the first time it is best to end milling cutter rough milling, continuous feeding along the workpiece surface. Every time feed recommended width is 60% of the cutter diameter - 75%. Vertical milling cutter with carbide tipped blade of end milling cutter is mainly used for processing, grooves and convex mouth box. Spher mill, round knife is often used in processing of profile shape and variable Angle. While spher mill for semi-finishing and finish machining. Circular knife with carbide cutting tools for the more thick. 3. What's the process sheet for? What contents should be included in the processing procedure of single? Single processing procedure is one of the contents of the nc machining process design, also need the operator observe and perform procedures, is processing program specific instructions, the goal is to make the operator clear procedures, clamping and positioning method, the content of the different processing procedures, selection of cutting tools should be paid attention to both problems. In the process list, should include: drawing and programming file name, the name of artifacts, the clamping sketch, the program name, each program used by the cutting tool, cutting depth, the biggest processing nature, theory of processing time and so on. Unless noted, original articles for citizen machinery nc machining center, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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