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by:NJPE     2020-01-09

What are the common faults of milling machines? How to exclude? Generally speaking, its common faults are as follows: Fault 1: uneven connection of the precision machining surface. Solution: check the parallelism of the workbench, the parallelism of the main axis relative to the workbench and the verticality of the lifting platform relative to the workbench. Fault 2: the operating handle of the spindle gearbox falls off automatically. Solution: replace the spring or add the gasket. Fault 3: the operating handle of the spindle gearbox cannot run. Solution: the vertical shaft handle and the hole are stuck, and the repair is removed; The fan gear and the card are stuck, adjust the gap, about to 0. 15mm; The fork shaft is bent and deformed and straightened; The rack shaft deviates from the hole on the hole cover, changes the rotation speed of other levels, moves the gear plate, and adjusts the locator spring. In addition to the above faults, there is a major fault in the milling machine that cannot be ignored, that is, the precision machining accuracy is abnormal.  This fault is concealed and difficult to diagnose.  How should we solve it? According to experts, there are five main reasons for this failure: first, the milling machine feed unit is changed or changed; Second, the zero offset of each axis of the milling machine is abnormal; Third, the axial reverse clearance is abnormal; Fourth, the motor running state is abnormal, that is, the electrical and control parts are abnormal; Fifth, mechanical faults, such as screw, bearing, shaft coupling and other components are faulty. In addition to the above five aspects, the preparation of machining procedures, the selection of cutting tools or human factors, etc. , will also lead to abnormal precision machining accuracy of milling machines.  Here are some points to analyze. (1) What are the system parameters that have changed or changed? The system parameters mainly include milling machine feed unit, zero offset and reverse clearance, etc. Some treatment in the repair process of milling machine will affect zero offset and reverse clearance, so appropriate adjustment or modification should be made after the treatment is completed. In addition, serious equipment wear or loose connection may also change the measured values of the parameters, so the parameters should be modified accordingly. (2) There are several possible causes of mechanical failure, such as motor abnormality, lead screw clearance and mechanical failure, so investigation should be carried out one by one. (3) There are two reasons for the unoptimized electrical parameters of the milling machine and the abnormal operation of the motor, namely, the large reverse clearance of the lead screw and the abnormal operation of the x-axis motor. The solution is to compensate the existing gap, adjust the servo gain parameters and pulse suppression function parameters, and eliminate the jitter of the x-axis motor. Unless noted, the article is original for Tiecheng mechanical CNC milling machine, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/
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