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by:NJPE     2020-02-14
What should be considered in the preparation of shaft parts processing technology? This is a problem that will be encountered when machining shaft parts. It should also be considered before officially starting machining. Only when sufficient preparation is made in advance, only in this way can the shaft parts be correctly processed numerically or mechanically, thus avoiding errors in processing and improving processing efficiency. Since this part of knowledge is so important, let's introduce it in detail. First of all, the process analysis of numerical control processing should be carried out on the part drawing. The specific contents are as follows :(1) Whether the dimension labeling method in the part drawing is suitable for the characteristics of numerical control machining; (2) Whether the geometric elements constituting the outline in the part drawing are sufficient; (3)Whether the reliability of the positioning datum is good; (4) Whether the machining accuracy and dimensional tolerance required by the parts can be guaranteed. For part blanks, manufacturability analysis should also be carried out, specifically :(1) Analyze the adaptability of the blank in installation and positioning, as well as the size and uniformity of the allowance; (5) Whether the machining allowance of the blank is sufficient and whether the allowance is stable during mass production. 1. The choice of machine tools different parts should be processed on different numerical control machine tools, so numerical control machine tools should be selected according to the design requirements of parts. 2. Selection of tool setting point and tool changing point tool setting point: refers to the starting point of tool moving relative to workpiece in numerical control machining. Tool change point: it is set for programming of multi-tool machining machines such as machining centers and numerical control lathes. In programming, the workpiece is regarded as stationary while the tool is moving. The tool setting point is usually called the origin of the program. The key points of selection are: easy alignment, convenient programming, small tool setting error, convenient and reliable inspection during processing, when setting the knife, the knife setting point should coincide with the knife setting point. 3. The selection of processing methods and the determination of processing schemes the selection principle of processing methods is to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the machined surface, but in actual selection, comprehensive consideration should be given to the shape, size and heat treatment requirements of parts. When determining the processing scheme, the processing method required to meet these requirements shall be preliminarily determined according to the accuracy and roughness requirements of the main surface. 4. Selection of machining allowance machining allowance: Quantity refers to the difference between the solid size of the blank and the size of the part. There are two principles for the choice of machining allowance, one is the principle of minimum machining allowance, and the other is that there should be sufficient machining allowance, especially for the last process. 5. Determination of cutting parameters cutting parameters include cutting depth, spindle speed and feed rate. The cutting depth is determined according to the rigidity of the machine tool, fixture, cutter and workpiece, and the spindle speed is determined according to the allowable cutting speed, the feed rate is determined according to the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements of parts and the material properties of workpieces. 6. The selection of feed route the feed route includes the processing technology content, which is an important reference basis for programming. The above is the whole content of the article, Xiaobian hopes that through the introduction of this article, everyone can benefit from it. (Figure/text http://www . wxdtc. com /)
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