Application of robots and customized racks in processing precision mechanical parts, Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

by:NJPE     2020-02-13
The application of robots in manufacturing industry, including the processing of precision mechanical parts, has grown steadily. Industrial automation increasingly relies on robotics to improve efficiency and replace monotonous and repetitive human tasks. Robots are used for various tasks in manufacturing, from transportation to assembly, and can be used to complete almost any programmable task, from impregnation and casting to grinding and milling. Robots are physical machines that work automatically or semi-automatically and can perform specific tasks. They use sensors to evaluate the condition of the workpiece and the overall environment. Their overall operation involves some form of artificial intelligence. In the manufacturing industry of precision mechanical parts processing, it is easier to find robots in the workshop than to define robots. The common form is the robot 'arm', a hinged mechanical limb that can evaluate, move and process workpieces in various ways. The mechanical arm design for processing and producing precision mechanical parts is suitable for flexible use. In other words, robots can be programmed to perform work on various parts and even perform tasks other than grinding and gate removal. The grinding consistency of precision mechanical parts processing is improved, the speed is improved, and the difficulty of manual labor related to these tasks is reduced. Automatic detection is added to screen dimensional tolerances and casting defects and defects. In addition to robots, precision mechanical parts processing can also make use of personal Limited space as much as possible through customized industrial racks. Customized racks not only help save space, but also improve personal work efficiency, make products easier to store, reduce transportation costs and improve safety. Customized industrial racks can be stacked together, which not only ensures the safety of precision mechanical parts processing products, but also ensures the safety of workers. Stackable shelves provide more space for personnel, forklifts and other mechanical equipment to reduce the risk of accidents.
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