Application of sensor technology in precision machinery parts processing, Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

by:NJPE     2020-02-18
With the development of the times, it is becoming more and more intelligent. In the traditional processing industry such as precision mechanical parts processing, modern high-tech applications are also very many. The purpose of sensing detection in machining cutting process is to optimize the productivity, manufacturing cost or (Metal)The removal rate of materials, etc. The targets detected by cutting process sensors include cutting force and its changes in cutting process, vibration in cutting process, contact between tool and workpiece, chip state during cutting and cutting process identification, etc, the important sensing parameters include cutting force, vibration in cutting process, acoustic emission in cutting process, power of motor in cutting process, etc. For the operation of machine tools, the main sensor detection targets include drive system, bearing and Rotary system, temperature monitoring and control, safety, etc, its sensor parameters include downtime of organic bed, surface roughness and machining accuracy of processed parts, power, machine tool State and flow rate of cooling lubricating fluid, etc. In the process of machining workpieces for precision mechanical parts, sensor technology is used for process identification to identify whether the processed process is a work (Zero)The process required for piece processing; Identify whether the workpiece or blank to be processed into the machine tool is the required workpiece or blank; At the same time, it is also required to identify whether the posture of the workpiece installation is the posture required by the process specification. In addition, workpiece identification and workpiece installation can be used to monitor and sense the machining allowance and surface defects of the blank or workpiece to be processed. Sensor technology for precision mechanical parts processing more important point is to reduce the accident rate, now the machine tool is equipped with a tool detection sensor can effectively prevent the occurrence of such incidents.
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