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by:NJPE     2020-01-19
Research and development of high-end ultra-precision die punching ultra-precision blanking is a process method of blanking parts with high surface roughness and high precision through one punching stroke. Compared with the ordinary blanking process, the precision blanking process has greatly improved the efficiency of refurbishment, saved working hours and reduced the cost, it is an economical and effective processing method that can improve the quality of blanking parts. It is widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, automobiles, machinery, shipbuilding, household appliances, etc, the following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of precision blanking technology: first, the principle of ultra-precision blanking Adopts Strong edge pressing and ultra-precision blanking technology on the edge of workpieces on the basis of ordinary blanking, it is a stamping process with small gap under strong edge pressing. The principle is to firstly press the shaped gear ring on the guide pressing plate into the metal plate near the cutting edge of the female die, and then apply the blanking force to the plate under the condition of reverse pressure pressurization, the material in the cutting edge is squeezed into the concave cavity under the state of three-dimensional compressive stress, thus forming ultra-high precision stamping parts. Second, the advantages of ultra-precision blanking (1) The cross section is pure shear separation under three-dimensional compressive stress, and the stamping equipment simultaneously improves the main stamping, pressing and top force in three directions. (2) The precision of mold manufacturing is high and the gap is very small, and a high-precision ball guide device should be adopted. (3) The punch or die edge has small rounded corners so that more material is squeezed into the deformation zone to increase compressive stress. (4) The blanking process requires high equipment precision, die structure, materials and stamping oil performance. Third, the shortcomings of ultra-precision blanking (1) The investment of fine blanking machine is relatively high, which is more than ten times that of ordinary Press. (2) Fine blanking machine has strong specificity and is not suitable for multi-variety and small batch processes. It is only feasible after the batch reaches a certain scale. (3) Fine Blanking technology is a relatively new and complicated technology, which requires not only advanced fine blanking machines, but also many advanced supporting equipment. Four, the factors affecting the quality of blanking parts (1) The plasticity of pure metal blanking parts is better than that of alloys. Impurity elements usually cause brittleness and reduce plasticity. Various alloys have different effects on plasticity. (2) The single-phase structure of the blanking metal has better plasticity than the multiphase structure, and the properties, shapes, sizes, quantities and distribution of the second phase are different. (3) The process deformation temperature will increase with the increase of temperature during blanking, but this increase is not a simple linear increase. (4) The increase of strain rate not only reduces the plasticity of metal, but also increases the plasticity of metal. The comprehensive effect of these two factors ultimately determines the change of metal plasticity. (5) Under the condition of deformation mechanics, the more the number of compressive stresses and the larger the value, the better the plasticity of the metal. Five, the selection of matching stamping oil the factors that affect the efficiency of blanking precision are roughly the precision of stamping equipment, the rationality of die design, the quality of stamping dies, the performance of stamping oil and other aspects, how to choose stamping oil is also an important topic in stamping technology :(1) Silicon steel plate: Silicon steel plate is a material that is easy to punch and cut. Generally, for the easy cleaning of finished workpieces, low viscosity stamping oil will be selected on the premise of preventing burrs from punching and cutting. (2) Carbon steel plate: when selecting stamping oil for carbon steel plate stamping, the first thing to pay attention to is the viscosity of stretching oil. According to the difficulty of processing, the method of drawing oil and degreasing conditions, the better viscosity is determined. (3) Galvanized steel sheet: galvanized steel sheet is a welded steel sheet with hot dip plating or electro-galvanized layer on its surface. When selecting stamping oil, attention should be paid to the problem that chlorine stamping oil may cause white rust, the use of Yida Borun sulfur stamping oil can avoid rust, but it should be degreased as soon as possible after stamping. (4) Copper and aluminum alloy plates: Because copper and aluminum have good ductility, stamping oil containing oiliness agent and good sliding property can be selected when selecting stamping oil to avoid using chlorine-containing Type added stamping oil, otherwise, the stamping oil corrodes copper and aluminum alloy and blackens its surface. (5) Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a material that is easy to produce work hardening. It is required to use stretch oil with high oil film strength and good sintering resistance. Generally, stamping oil containing sulfur and chlorine composite additives is used to ensure extreme pressure processing performance and avoid burrs, cracks and other problems of workpieces. These are the technical characteristics of ultra-precision blanking process. With the rapid development of fine blanking industry, machinery manufacturing, home appliance research and development, automobile research and development, aerospace and other fields will benefit more. NJPE mould is the largest mould manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta. The series of stamping dies independently developed have high performance, stamping dies, greatly improved production efficiency and prolonged service life. NJPE- World-class precision mold manufacturers, if you are interested in our aluminum foil high-speed stamping mold, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire: 0756-8593031! 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