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by:NJPE     2020-01-30
Description of the current situation of the use of quick-change inserts for the end shaft of the wind-sweeping blade die: as a mass-used part on the air conditioner, the wind-sweeping blade has higher requirements on the quality and service life of the die. Because the wind sweeping blades need to be matched with the air outlet panel through the shaft sleeve at both ends, the precision requirement for the end shaft is relatively high, the processing is not easy to ensure, and the demand for such products is relatively large, after the life of the mold reaches a certain period of time, the end is badly worn, and cloak burrs are easy to appear, resulting in unqualified products. Improvement Plan: replace the overall mold structure of the forming end with inserts, process separately, and polish the whole after assembly to ensure the appearance quality of the product. Estimated benefits: 1. Can save processing time (Separate processing from the whole can be carried out simultaneously); 2, the small insert can be cut out of the whole slow wire, which can ensure higher processing precision; 3. If the insert is broken, a new insert can be quickly replaced to ensure normal production without overall reprocessing. Optimal use of net hanging needle results of filter products
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