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by:NJPE     2020-01-30
Car headlights decorative frame (Main bezel) Summary of mould technology the decorative frame of automobile headlights is one of the most important parts on the lamp. The appearance requirements are strict, and the mould needs electroplating treatment. For the automobile headlight decorative frame mold, the following points should be paid attention to when designing :(1) Welding lines should be avoided first for electroplated parts, because any welding lines in electroplated parts will appear, affecting the appearance of plastic parts. Welding lines should be avoided when designing gating system. If welding lines are inevitable, try to drive it to the non-appearance area, and pass the mold flow analysis and verification before the gating system is designed. (2) The surface of the decorative frame is generally designed with patterns. When designing the mold, attention should be paid to the depth of the pattern of the plastic parts, which is generally prone to flow patterns. (3) The molding process range of plastic parts is small, and the surface of plastic parts is easy to produce bright spots and difficult to control. When designing the mold gating system, the runner should be thick and large, the gate should adopt a fan-shaped gate, and the maximum gate width is 35 ~ About 40mm, which is beneficial to melt filling. (4) The decorative frame plastic parts are prone to the phenomenon of sticking the mold. The prevention of the early design of the plastic parts is generally: a. The inverted pattern is designed on the inner side of the plastic part, which is easy to stick to the mold, and the depth of the inverted pattern is 0. 5 ~ 1mm, inverted pattern is designed near the rounded corners of the plastic parts. B. The inner side of the corresponding plastic part is designed with reinforcing ribs at the place where the clamping force of the plastic part is large, and an inverted hook is designed on the push rod. According to the characteristics of the plastic parts, reinforcing ribs and BOSS columns should be designed on the plastic parts on the inner side of the 6 LED lamp areas (Commonly known as cylinder column)To avoid deformation of plastic parts. Improvement of the position of trapped air in the middle of the sweeping blade
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