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by:NJPE     2020-01-31
The CAE technology of mould breaks through the fields of automobile, construction, ship, aerospace and so on. Most of the work adopts computer-aided technology. Moldflow is mainly used in the mold industry to analyze product filling, pressure maintaining, warpage and cooling. However, CAE analysis technology in the direction of mold strength and stiffness has not been widely used. The current situation is that large moulds only rely on individual experienced designers to design moulds according to their experience. There is no guiding data in ensuring strength analysis and check and mould design results. Wrong design and over-design often occur. NJPE combines NX advanced simulation module to analyze the strength, rigidity and fatigue durability of the mold structure (Bottom case, panel, panel body, etc), Lamp mold (Housing and other products)Widely used. The quality of the mold is guaranteed, the company's interests are safeguarded, and the customer's needs are met at the same time. Good quality benefits from our company's continuous breakthrough and innovation in technology! Remarkable results: 1. Convert mold experience data analysis into data quantitative analysis. 2. Physical property parameter library of different materials to ensure more reliable analysis results. 3, avoid the design section, save material costs. 4. Avoid weak design, analyze in advance, prevent in advance and ensure quality. NJPE- The leading domestic mold processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Car headlights decorative frame (Main bezel)Summary of mold technology
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