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by:NJPE     2020-01-29
Optimization and improvement of welding line of lamp reflector based on Moldflow 1. Introduction for lamp injection molds, multi-gate injection molding is mostly adopted, or there are holes and inserts in the cavity, and when the size of parts changes greatly, the plastic melt will flow in more than two directions in the mold cavity. When the two melts meet, a welding line will be formed on the parts. Welding line not only affects the appearance quality of parts, but also has great influence on the structural mechanical properties of parts. In actual production, the product requirements can only be met through repeated modification and debugging of the mold, thus increasing the manufacturing cost and prolonging the product development cycle. II. Analyze and deal with the reflector on the plastic part lamp in this case. Our company undertakes the development of the lamp injection mold for this product. The plastic part material is PC, black, without additive components, based on the requirements of appearance and optics, plastic parts have high appearance requirements, and the reflection area cannot have obvious appearance requirements such as flow marks and welding lines, otherwise the optical effect will be affected. Figure 1 analyzes the improvement of the welding line by the 3D graphics of the product, generally improving the quality of the welding line combination or moving the position of the welding line, which can be achieved in the following ways: 1) Add an exhaust groove, and add exhaust gas in the welding line area to make the melt better confluence; 2) Set up a process overflow well at the place where the welding line is generated, and cut it off after forming; 3)Adjust molding conditions to improve fluidity; 4) Change the gate position or optimize the structural design of parts and change the position of welding lines. The injection molding simulation analysis of this part is carried out by Moldflow software, and the solution is further sought by checking the analysis results of welding lines. Due to the structural complexity of the product, it is more difficult to implement the scheme of adding an exhaust tank to the mold, and the effect of adjusting the injection molding conditions is poor. Therefore, the structural design is considered to be optimized. In this paper, it is hoped that by optimizing the structure, the position of the welding line can be adjusted to eliminate the defects caused by the welding line. In order to ensure the accuracy of Moldflow analysis results, it is very important to correctly establish an analysis model. The matching rate of this grid division is as high as 90%, and everything else is normal. Since the mold has been opened, the analysis model needs to establish a gating system according to the 3D drawing file of the mold, and the material analyzed this time is the material brand specified by the customer to ensure the accuracy of the analysis. III. Comparison of optimization scheme and actual molding the project of this analysis is mainly aimed at the performance index of welding line, so only filling analysis is needed for parts. This time, the lamp injection mold is poured with hot runner to submerged Gate, one left and one right, one mold and two cavities, as shown in figure 2. Figure 2 Schematic diagram of product pouring since the pouring position is the position specified by the customer, in the initial analysis, the customer clearly indicates that the position of the welding line does not accept it, as shown in figure 3. Figure 3 the position of the welding line in the initial analysis considering the unreasonable position of the welding line, the solution direction is to adjust the position of the welding line. However, the problem cannot be improved by adding exhaust gas to the mold. Therefore, it is necessary to consider changing the structural design direction of parts. After confirming with the customer, the customer wants to control the welding line at the corner. According to Moldflow, the melt flow speed is judged, the glue is reduced, and the glue is added to drain, as shown in figure 4, to adjust the position of the welding line, and finally the welding line is controlled at the position specified by the customer, as shown in figure 5. Finally, the actual welding line position after the mold test is exactly the same as the analysis, as shown in figure 6. Figure 4 the sketch map of the optimized structure Figure 5 the position of the weld line after the optimized structure Figure 6 the position of the weld line actually formed IV. Conclusion analyze the injection molding process with the aid of Moldflow, the problem is solved by optimizing the structural design to adjust the welding line position and position. The experience of this kind of car lamp injection mold is also summarized, which reflects the necessity of finding a solution based on the actual production and Moldflow analysis results, but more importantly, it guides the direction of part structure design, it should be introduced into Moldflow system for analysis in the early stage of structural design of parts, so as to nip problems before they occur and effectively resolve potential problems in the design stage; Realize the goal from 'CAE verification design' to 'CAE driven design. Good quality benefits from our company's continuous breakthrough and innovation in technology! 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