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by:NJPE     2020-01-31
Sheet metal processing technology- The latest four major processes traditional sheet metal processing includes four main processes: shearing, punching/cutting, folding and welding; With the development of science and technology, the four new sheet metal processing processes are: excitation, punching, folding and welding. The processing process of sheet metal is also upgraded layer by layer over time. The following describes the latest process. Excitation: laser cutting machine is now the main equipment for blanking in sheet metal processing. It has fast processing speed, high precision, short cycle and can process various shapes, it is the main processing method for sheet metal processing and blanking. In the sheet metal mold manufactured by NJPE, there will also be laser cutting and blanking, as well as laser knife edge and other technologies. Punching: the parts of sheet metal processing cannot be only in the shape of a flat plate. It is necessary to punch a convex hull, Sprout, hasp, etc. , all of which need to go through the 'punching' process. The 'punch' here is not the previous 'punch'. Now it is a CNC punch. It can install up to dozens of sets of molds, programmable, fast, and can also assist laser cutting machine blanking. ( The above picture shows a set of punching and blanking dies made by NJPE. Some of the cutting edges are cut by laser. ) Folding: compared with the previous one, the bending equipment is updated. There are CNC bending machines, bending centers (Manipulator assisted bending), CNC Hemming Machine, etc. Welding: The previous welding basically used welding wire, and a small part used carbon dioxide; With the continuous development of society, nowadays, argon arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, welding robots, etc. for sheet metal welding have been added. In NJPE, there are also professional welding equipment and welding Masters. With the upgrading of the main processes of sheet metal processing and the updating of equipment, the quality of sheet metal processing products has been greatly improved, with faster processing speed and faster response. With the development of society, the sheet metal processing industry is also making progress and playing an increasingly important role in the new era. NJPE- World-class precision mold manufacturers, if you are interested in our aluminum foil high-speed stamping mold, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire :! NJPE- Advanced equipment and micron-level precision control make customers' products 'meticulous '. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Improvement Scheme for preventing graphite electrode processing cutter
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