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by:NJPE     2020-01-31
Research and development of high-end precision two-device fin die Gree Electric's sales are rising and are expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2019. A set of fin die is far from meeting the needs of new fin production. On the basis of independent research and development of the first set of fin die, aiming at various problems in the research and development process of the project, including mold modification caused by technical problems in the design, processing and assembly process, the project cycle is continuously prolonged, at the same time, it affects the delivery cycle, so it is necessary to continue the research and development of this project, so as to continuously improve the production and manufacturing process of fin molds, shorten the cycle on the premise of ensuring stable and qualified quality, and add thinning and stretching technology, achieve new breakthroughs in technology. 1. Thinning and stretching technology thinning and stretching technology can raise the height of the fin hole through secondary stretching of the fin through the punching and flanging process, and make the wall thickness of the hole from 0. 1 reached only 0. The thickness level of 06 can effectively improve the spacing between fins and the heat exchange efficiency of air conditioners, and is the key determining technology for whether the produced fins can be applied to high energy efficiency air conditioners, it is one of the core technologies for whether air conditioners can meet the standards of energy conservation and emission reduction. Thinning and stretching technology is the process with the highest precision required in the fin die, but the original fin die project lacks this process, so it is carried out as a key research and development project in this project. Through CAE forming analysis, the theoretical design size of convex-concave die clearance is obtained, and the stroke, unloading, forming force, etc. required for forming are ensured through die structure design, in the machining process, CNC high-speed machine high-precision, PG grinding, JG grinding, precision grinding, large water mill and other precision grinding equipment and methods are adopted to ensure that the workpiece reaches the theoretical design value, in the assembly process, the gap assembly is carried out by precision assembly method to reach the allowable tolerance range of design theory and ensure the successful realization of thinning and stretching technology. 2. Automatic production technology the traditional production technology adopts single process and multiple molds. Although The mold is simple and the cost of the mold is lower, the process is scattered, not only the productivity is low, but also the quality of the parts is affected by multiple positioning, it cannot meet the technical requirements of fins. A multi-station multi-function progressive die is adopted, and the action combination of multiple processes is concentrated in a die. Automatic feeding is adopted to realize automatic stamping production, which can meet the requirements of mass production and quality. 3. High-speed machine high-precision aluminum processing technology uses the original project's high-speed machine tool's experience in processing steel parts with high speed, low cutting amount and high precision to realize the processing of aluminum. In the process of processing, aluminum cannot be fixed by magnetic attraction, instead, it can be fixed by glue, processing jig, etc; According to the characteristics of aluminum materials, the processing feed parameters are optimized to achieve the goal of qualified aluminum workpieces. 4. Precision Grinding Technology traditional small grinding machines can only process flat parts of parts, and are dry processing, which is easy to produce dust harmful to human body, for the special-shaped parts such as the special-shaped punch of the fin die and the secondary flanging punch, the small grinding machine cannot meet the processing requirements, while the advanced optical curve grinding machine can process this kind of special-shaped punch, the machining accuracy reaches 0. 003mm. Mitsui plane Mill is a wet machining with less pollution and a machining accuracy of 0. 002 mm5. The specific application of the patent 'edge cutter device and fin die with the edge cutter device' the edge cutter function of the fin die is to cut and arrange the two edges of the fin, that is, the fins are cut off from excess waste along the feeding direction, and the width of the fins is adjusted. For longer side cutting waste, automatic blowing (Suction)The waste device cannot blow the waste smoothly (Suction) Into the waste collection box, so that the waste piles up too much and then blocks the device pipeline. The blockage of the pipeline makes the collection device unable to work normally. It is often necessary to stop the machine for manual cleaning and dredging, which wastes a lot of time and seriously affects the production efficiency. Due to tight production, unnecessary shutdown of punch press is avoided, and automatic blowing (Suction) Waste device, so that the device can not be effectively used and idle. The design idea of this patent is to cut the fin scrap twice, I . e. to cut the fin edge into a long scrap at one time, and at the same time to cut the fin scrap twice into two short scraps. According to the existing four-step edge cutter structure, a new four-step cutting edge cutter is developed to realize the secondary cutting of waste materials. Since the long edge cutting waste is cut off, it is automatically blown (Suction) The waste device can smoothly blow too long waste (Suction)Into the waste collection box. It solves the problem of material blocking caused by too long cutting waste, improves the recycling conditions of waste, ensures the normal production of fins, and reduces unnecessary shutdown and rectification. NJPE- World-class precision mold manufacturers, if you are interested in our aluminum foil high-speed stamping mold, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire :! 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