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by:NJPE     2020-01-31
NJPE, precision die high-pitch aluminum foil high-speed stamping die aluminum foil high-speed stamping precision die, also known as fin die, is a multi-station continuous precision stamping die used to produce air conditioning heat sinks. From the research and development of the first set of fin dies to the successful production, the company has achieved a breakthrough of 'from scratch' in high-end continuous stamping dies and entered a brand-new mold field. With the successful production of multiple sets of fin molds, the company is gradually mastering the development technology of fin molds. However, due to the large number of suppliers of low-pitch fin molds in the market, the price and profit have been compressed very low, coupled with the reduction of the parent company's order quantity, the production capacity of the fin die is not saturated, while the high-distance fin die is required due to its particularity and threshold. The market and profits are both higher than before. In order to improve the competitiveness of the company in this field, the company itself must master and possess the core key technologies, the purpose of this project is to solve the technical problems and difficulties in the development of high sheet distance fin die, to carry out technical research and form its own technical precipitation, realize the leap of 'people have their own advantages' in the field of fin die. Meet the different needs of Gree Electric and other customers. Gree, as the leader of domestic air-conditioning enterprises, takes air-conditioning as its main product and is in a leading position in domestic household appliance enterprises. However, as an important part of heat exchange between air conditioning condenser and evaporator, the demand for fins is huge, which will not change for a long time in the future. The production capacity of fins is one of the important conditions for Gree's development. If Gree Electric Appliance wants to develop, expand the market and go to the world, it is bound to expand its production and the demand for fins will be more vigorous, as a result, the demand for fin molds has increased greatly. The production of fins by purchasing fin molds alone cannot meet the development needs of Gree Electric Appliances, and the high procurement cost of fin molds will also restrict the development of Gree Electric Appliances. Although Gree has its own mold factory, it cannot make its own fin molds. As a joint venture, NJPE has a variety of production equipment that has reached the domestic first-class level, which has laid the hardware conditions for the manufacture of fin molds; Through the transfer of the former Gree mould factory experienced management personnel, technical personnel, coupled with the recruitment of social personnel with excellent technology and with rich theoretical knowledge, learning ability and innovation ability of highly educated talents, NJPE has the ability to form a technical team that can meet the requirements of depth, breadth and innovation, and has laid the requirements for software. The development of a set of fin molds cannot meet the needs of Gree Electric's growing development. After achieving a breakthrough from scratch, these problems need to be improved in terms of management, design, processing, assembly, mold testing and other links, improve the production stability, product quality and delivery time of the mold. In order to improve the company's competitiveness in this field, the company itself must master and possess key core technologies, and carry out technical research on technical problems and difficulties in the development of fin dies, form its own technical precipitation and realize the leap of 'people have their own advantages' in the field of fin die. NJPE- World-class precision mold manufacturers, if you are interested in our aluminum foil high-speed stamping mold, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire :! NJPE- Advanced equipment and micron-level precision control make customers' products 'meticulous '. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Research on application of finite element analysis in sheet metal die
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