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by:NJPE     2020-02-01
DLC coating on the surface of moving parts of injection mold improves the molding resistance of the mold. In the past, the molding resistance of moving parts was a difficult problem to solve, usually treated by nitriding or quenching. However, when a large number of molds are produced, such as 800 thousand to 1 million molds, this process cannot meet the wear-resistant life requirements. DLC is a relatively new process composed of carbon elements and similar in nature to diamonds. Due to its high hardness, high elastic modulus, low friction factor, wear resistance and good vacuum tribological characteristics, it is very suitable as a wear-resistant coating. The traditional vacuum evaporation coating method has a high deposition rate and the purity of the film is high, but the bonding strength between the film and the substrate is poor. The ion implantation method is firmly combined with the matrix, and there is no adhesion rupture or peeling on the surface. However, the implantation layer of ion implantation is too thin, only a few hundred nanometers, and its application is limited under wear-resistant conditions. In order to overcome the problems of poor binding force of vacuum evaporation coating method and shallow implantation layer of ion implantation method, thin film evaporation deposition and ion implantation technology are combined and vacuum evaporation ion beam assisted deposition technology is adopted. The technology is using evaporation source (Electron beam) While the elements are deposited on the substrate, the coating is bombarded with ions to obtain a high-performance dense film layer thicker than the ion implantation layer and more adhesive than the evaporation coating method. After vacuum evaporation ion beam assisted coating treatment, a smooth and dense DLC film is formed. DLC film reduces the friction coefficient of the matrix material and improves the tribological properties. The following figure shows the application of slanted DLC layers. Achieve good performance results. Design of safe hoisting
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