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by:NJPE     2020-02-01
High quality pursuit, customer choice- NJPENJPE has a research and development team with more than ten years of experience, exquisite and mature production technology. It has always been aiming at exceeding customer expectations, creating a world-class mold enterprise as the quality policy, and constantly surpassing itself, we strive for perfection, bring forth new things from the old, continuously improve and perfect our technology, have excellent quality and reputation, only to provide the best service and cooperate with many enterprises, which is our pursuit. First-class quality, rich molding experience, reasonable price, strict quality requirements and perfect after-sales service, the business philosophy of on-time delivery has established a long-term and stable partnership with a large number of customers. The overall level of most high-grade and high-quality molds has reached the level of similar molds in Japan. The product specifications are up to standard and have been well received by new and old customers. The overall level of some moulds can not only completely replace imports, but also export a large part to Japan, the United States, Turkey, India and other foreign regions. NJPE precision machining equipment, large precision continuous mold design NJPE has 10 years of professional technical experience, professional technical personnel, high-quality processing equipment, to protect your needs. Please pay attention to NJPE and make you satisfied is our greatest motivation. If the enterprise is bigger and stronger, we may be able to help you! ! NJPE---- The leading domestic mold processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/application of DLC coating on moving parts of injection mold to improve mold resistance
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