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by:NJPE     2020-02-02
Intelligent manufacturing of precision mould intelligent manufacturing of precision mould and automation drive the transformation and upgrading of the industry, which can better serve customers and provide the competitiveness of the industry. NJPE is based on 'equipment automation, lean production and management informatization, artificial efficiency 'is the construction concept, it combines industrial robot technology, pneumatic technology, digital design technology, edm edm technology, three-coordinate measuring instrument and so on to build a precision mold intelligent manufacturing system that can trace the production process, the whole system not only originates from the actual production, but also meets the needs of modern management. In the new era of ever-changing products, how to quickly respond to customer needs has become one of the criteria to measure whether an enterprise is excellent. NJPE precision mould Co. , Ltd. , which was jointly established by two of the world's top five hundred enterprises, has made concerted efforts to provide higher quality in a shorter time since its establishment, give full play to the combination of Japan's lean management and China's seamless implementation, shorten the design time of large and medium-sized moulds by 1/3 through concurrent design, and realize efficient design by promoting standardized design and constructing 3D standard library, with the application of ERP, PDM and MES systems, it better corresponds to the needs of customers in various fields including automobile mold manufacturing and household appliance mold manufacturing, and realizes personalized customization on the basis of full standardization. The enterprise's donation for specific matters can be deducted before tax in full.
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