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The control method of enterprise procurement cost procurement, as the cost center of an enterprise and the life source of an enterprise, is the primary link for an enterprise to carry out its work. Controlling the procurement cost of production materials is crucial to an enterprise's operating performance. The decrease of purchasing cost of production materials not only reflects the decrease of cash outflow of enterprises, but also directly reflects the decrease of cost, the increase of profits and the enhancement of enterprise competitiveness. Due to the high proportion of production material cost to production cost, it is one of the important and direct means for an enterprise to continuously reduce product cost and increase profit to control the material purchase cost and make it continuously decrease. Establish a set of complete and feasible procurement cost management and internal control, improve the material procurement management system, and reduce the material procurement cost as a whole, it has greatly improved the operation efficiency and effect of the enterprise and achieved good economic benefits. However, in order to effectively control the procurement cost, there must be effective methods and measures: 1. Prepare the procurement budget, pass the budget evaluation, the incentive mechanism of establishing budget the procurement budget of production materials is the budget of various materials procurement costs generated by enterprises engaged in production activities to complete the production budget during the budget period. It is mainly based on the production budget, according to the consumption quota and market price of various materials, combined with the quantity of materials in stock at the beginning of the period and the procurement cost of other materials. Through budget evaluation, a budget incentive system is established, so that procurement personnel can consciously adjust and restrict their behaviors, encourage them to work hard, improve work efficiency and reduce material procurement costs. 2. Learn nuclear Price: No matter what kind of material you purchase, you should be familiar with its price composition before purchasing (Processing Technology) , Understand the source price of raw materials for finished products produced by your suppliers, and lay the foundation for your own accurate nuclear price. Based on this, there is a purposeful negotiation, so that you know what you know, and you will be victorious. 3. Fully investigate the procurement market and collect information: an enterprise's procurement management should reach a certain level, and full attention should be paid to the investigation of the procurement market and the collection and collation of information, only in this way can we fully understand the market situation and the price trend, so that we are in a favorable position. Today's society is an electronic, information-based, networked and intelligent equipment. As purchasing personnel, they should collect purchasing information of materials from different aspects, regional differences, etc. Grasping the timing of price changes the price will often change with the changes of seasons, market supply and demand, etc. Therefore, purchasing personnel should pay attention to the price changes and grasp the procurement timing. If the purchasing department can grasp the opportunity and purchase quantity, it will bring great benefits to the enterprise. 4. Direct purchase from manufacturers or form an alliance to jointly order from manufacturers can reduce intermediate links and purchase costs. At the same time, the technical service and after-sales service of the manufacturer will be better. If you can directly purchase, you must eliminate the purchasing method of purchasing to reduce the procurement cost. 5. To contain suppliers by means of competitive negotiation and public bidding, an effective way to purchase bulk materials is to carry out competitive negotiation or public bidding. Through inquiry and price comparison of multiple suppliers, finally, we can get the best cost-effective supplier. Bidding procurement is a scientific competitive procurement method under the condition of market economy. It has the characteristics of standardized openness and transparency in the procurement process. 6. The negotiation skills of purchasing personnel are also an important link in controlling purchasing costs ( A good negotiator will bring at least 5% profit margin to your purchase) This must also be based on the professional ethics of the buyer. 7. The importance of bulk purchase, anyone knows the truth, the larger the batch, the lower the amortization cost. Procurement planners need to take care of this, and those who can implement centralized procurement must work out procedures with the subscription unit. 8. Establish the procurement reputation of the enterprise. The terms must be executed according to the contract. If you pay, you can drag it once or twice, but you must not have a third time. Losing integrity, not to mention controlling costs, there may be no one to supply you. 9. Establish a monthly supplier scoring system ( Starting from four aspects of quality, payment period, price and service) The implementation of the supplier quota system will receive unexpected results. 10. Establish a monthly performance evaluation system for procurement personnel. It can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of purchasing personnel, but also is an effective means to prevent bribery of purchasing personnel. 11, effective control of procurement inventory. Avoid the risk of stopping the conversion and the risk of overstocking materials, and virtually control the procurement costs of their own enterprises. 12. Choosing high-quality suppliers with good reputation and signing long-term supply contracts with them, and cooperating with honest and reputable suppliers can not only ensure the quality of supply and timely delivery time, you can also get the payment and Price care, especially if you sign a long-term contract with it, you will often get more concessions. In short, the normal operation of an enterprise cannot be separated from an effective management system, let alone the control of costs. The control of procurement costs is the guarantee of the maximum profits of the enterprise! Zhong Peilong March 23, year 19 control of mold quality
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