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by:NJPE     2020-02-02
The target market chooses to reduce orders and profits. What is the reason . . . . . . 1. At the beginning of the 20th century, attracted by the explosive profits of the mold industry, many mold industry practitioners started their own business after accumulating certain technologies, funds and contacts. In order to get orders, you are 10, I am 8, you are 8, I am 5. In this kind of shopping, in order to ensure profits and save costs, processing shops in the market have to reduce costs in equipment selection and personnel allocation management, resulting in worse and worse quality. Results vicious circle. The original work done by a factory has a high profit. Now the three companies are rushing, and the company that adheres to the quality first is forced to join the price war. Management costs, operating costs, etc. , resulting in losses. 2. It is particularly important to understand the customer's needs. According to the customer's needs and the price of the order, the customers are divided into three grades: low-end, middle-end and high-end. Our company is also divided into low-end, middle-end and high-end teams, the supporting supply chain is also divided into low-end, mid-end and high-end. For different customers, the order is classified, otherwise the configuration is too high and directly affects the cost and delivery time. 3. Give the strategy of small profits but quick turnover, encourage high-quality customers to place more orders and increase competitiveness. Increase efforts to promote intelligent manufacturing, learn more about competitors in the same industry, find out the gaps and learn from each other, and reverse the current situation. Control Methods of enterprise procurement cost
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