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by:NJPE     2020-01-29
Gating system design in the design of injection mold, gating system design is the most important, which is divided into cold runner gating system and hot runner gating system, the gating system is mainly composed of main channel, diversion channel, gate and cold material cavity. The function is to pass the molten plastic through the nozzle of the injection molding machine, enter the mold cavity through the gating system under the state of high temperature, high pressure and high speed, and then form the product by cooling and maintaining pressure. Whether the design of the gating system is appropriate directly affects the appearance, physical properties, dimensional accuracy and forming cycle of the product after forming. Especially for precision injection molds, the design of gating system is even more critical. Compared with other injection mold factories, NJPE has its unique industry competitive advantage, which lies in NJPE's set of detailed and strict gating system design principles. For the design of precision injection molds, it has the advantages of higher efficiency, lower cost and shorter design cycle than other injection mold factories. The following are the main principles of NJPE gating system design: 1. Select the appropriate runner section; The weight ratio of the control flow channel to that of the plastic product is 0. Below 3. 2, try to reduce the flow channel bending, surface roughness value is low, so the flow channel must be polished. 3. C. Sharp corner transition is not allowed in the flow process of the gating system. The gating system should be able to capture cold materials with lower temperature to prevent them from entering the cavity and affecting the quality of plastic parts. 5. The gating system should be able to smoothly guide the molten plastic to fill all corners of the cavity so that the gas in the cavity can be discharged smoothly. Reasonable gating system avoids defects such as insufficient filling, shrinkage mark, Flash, unsatisfactory position of weld Mark, residual stress, warping deformation, uneven shrinkage, etc. For large areas of thin glue level and burrs caused by large injection pressure, a reasonable material thickness should be designed through flow analysis. Further, it is to rectify and solve the problem by means of classifying feeding and gating system depressurization. In addition, the gate is the design principle: 1. Gate setting strives to obtain the best appearance quality of products 2. Gate setting should avoid defects such as baking printing, serpentine and shrinkage cavity in the appearance of WIP products. 3. The gate should be set in a relatively hidden position and easy to remove to ensure that the gate position does not affect the appearance and interferes with surrounding parts. 4. Consider whether it can be operated automatically during injection molding. 5. Considering the subsequent processes of products, such as the requirements in processing, assembly and management, multiple products must be connected into a whole through flow channels (Such as electroplating processing). NJPE is a leading domestic precision injection mold processing factory, with advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Optimize precision injection mold products for customers free of charge, save customers' expenses in the long run, and enter NJPE's official website. https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. Optimization of process parameters for orthogonal experimental design
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