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by:NJPE     2020-02-02
Injection mold processing seat slider processing is only equipped with no improvement report improvement background: injection mold processing famous project mold seat follow-up assembly slider matching mold is often found to need grinding machine, the purpose of the improvement that the sealing position of red elixir is less than/uneven: to realize that the slider matching mold is only equipped with injection mold, and to combine the requirements of the slider matching mold in the mold with the data obtained by IPQC detection slider, it is found that the key points in slider processing have not been effectively monitored; Corresponding improvement of each process: CAM: put forward the verticality requirement and tolerance margin standard of process detection; CNC/EDM: Ensure the benchmark vertical requirements before processing, and check the relative value of the sealing position after processing; IPQC: change the testing benchmark to reflect the data that really affects the assembly. According to the current IPQC testing and assembly model results, it is estimated that 10 sliders per month need to be reworked or polished: according to 2 pieces of rework, 8 pieces of substitute accounting benefits: Rework: 100 yuan/hour × 2 hours × 10 pieces/month × December = 4800 yuan/year with assembly and polishing: 60 yuan/hour × 1 hour × 8 pieces/month × December = 5760 yuan/year total: 10560 yuan/year improvement highlights: the position of the mold slider of the famous door project in the injection mold processing plays a very critical role in the face, and plays a very critical role in the product seat of the seat of the famous door project. During the processing, the processing requirements of Mingmen seats are very strict. Through the improvement in the processing process, the requirements of one-time die matching are realized. Housing rent special additional deduction of 18 hot issues
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