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by:NJPE     2020-02-02
Zhuhai NJPE precision mould--- In the eyes of customers, NJPE cooperated with Turkey for the first time around October this year to make moulds for them. I have also done Turkish projects before, but it is not Turkey's direct order, but through Japan's Daikin, but the actual use is Turkish Daikin. This time, Turkey's Daikin directly issued 5 injection molding products and 7 sheet metal products, which were shipped at the end of January and March respectively. At present, the customer visited NJPE for injection parts, and participated in the first test of 5 sets of molds for 5 parts last week. The overall feeling of the molded products is not bad, each has its own bright spots. I would like to talk about the molded products in the eyes of customers-The quality of the wind deflector. The client is Mr. Kojima of Daikin, Japan. Mr. Kojima is very skilled in shaping and adjusting the machine. Generally, he is debugging the new molding machine in various bases of Daikin, find out the conditions before teaching others. People with such advanced techniques were surprised when they saw the sample wind deflector we made, because the deformation of the sample we made was very small, and the difficulty of this product was to adjust the deformation in the z direction. Mr. Tajima said that the deformation of this product made by Suzhou Dajin is three times that of our products, the deformation of the reference sample of this product sent by the Czech Republic is also twice that of our first year of college. Mr. Kojima asked us how we did it, to a large extent, this depends on the on-site Machine adjustment master. He has more than 20 years of machine adjustment experience and his machine adjustment skills are very unique. Even Mr. Kojima praised him frequently and said that he would learn from him, because he is worried that the mold will not be able to adjust this effect after it is out of Turkey, after all, the forming machine is different. In fact, in addition to the key technology of machine adjustment, there is another reason why the deformation can be adjusted so well this time, that is, the CAE analysis in the early stage is in place, during the preliminary analysis, the analysts found that the deformation in the Z direction would be very large and there was a risk of exceeding the tolerance requirements of the drawings. Therefore, they proposed to change the gate scheme with the customer and obtained the customer's approval, this point is also indispensable for adjusting the amount of deformation. Therefore, the reason why we can form such a good quality product requires a coordinated combination of many aspects. This time, we mainly rely on CAE preliminary analysis and adjustment skills during mold testing. Of course, mold processing, assembly is also very important. It can be said that there is no good mold. All of this is a waste of effort, and this time all aspects are done very well, and the cooperation is seamless. I believe that the quality of NJPE molds will be better and better according to this trend, molding quality will make customers more and more satisfied, come on! Injection mold processing seat slider processing is only equipped with no improvement report
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