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Talking about how to control the quality of procurement: reflecting the entity (Products, processes or activities, etc) The sum of the characteristics of the ability to meet specific or implicit needs, the quality of materials is directly related to the quality of the results produced in the production and operation process, therefore, controlling the quality of procurement is the key factor for the operation effect of an enterprise. 1. Purchasing quality control must be started from the source. When choosing partners, we should be cautious. We should conduct detailed investigation and understanding of suppliers' business scale, business performance, credit degree, qualification legality, etc, decide whether to cooperate with the supplier when mastering the basic information. If you are still not sure about the choice, you can use the sample trial or sign a small part of the order first, and then have a deep understanding of the supplier's credit standing and quality, establish a long-term cooperative relationship. 2. When signing the procurement contract, it should be rigorous. The contract must clearly define the quality characteristics and requirements of the purchased materials, acceptance criteria and unqualified solutions. Any problems that may arise must be foreseen, the items to be agreed in the contract must be complete and should not be afraid of trouble or long-winded, so as to avoid problems that cannot be effectively communicated and solved and be subject to losses caused to the company by suppliers. In particular, the acceptance criteria and methods must be clear, and the treatment methods for unqualified products must be harsh, strict and quantifiable, so as to ensure that suppliers pay attention to the supply process and ensure the quality of material procurement. 3. The acceptance of materials entering the factory should be strictly controlled. The acceptance of materials is a gate for the gain and loss of the interests of the enterprise and must be strictly controlled. The personnel of material acceptance should be clear about the relevant acceptance standards and methods and master relevant skills, according to the different characteristics of the materials, the inspection shall be carried out by means of weight inspection, ruler inspection, laboratory test, appearance inspection, verification of instructions, etc. If there is a contract agreement, the acceptance shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed in the contract, material inspection personnel should immediately report to the purchasing department when they find unqualified or non-conforming. The purchasing department should immediately communicate with the supplier and deal with the unqualified facts according to the terms of the contract after confirming them. At the same time, the purchasing department should make statistics on suppliers' supply quality. Suppliers who often have supply quality events may consider removing them from the supplier list. 4. Adopt competition mechanism and establish strategic cooperation supplier team. The selection of suppliers is a dynamic process. Relevant assessment mechanisms should be established to continuously update the supplier team and eliminate the superior and inferior. To effectively decompose the order, choose more suppliers, and find excellent suppliers suitable for the enterprise through the supply process to stabilize the procurement quality. Over time, we can establish a strategic cooperation supplier team that shares the same breath and destiny with our enterprise and can grow with our enterprise. Improving the quality of procurement is to reduce the cost of enterprises and increase the efficiency of enterprises. Finally, let us all participate, join hands together, and strive to improve the procurement quality based on the principles of responsibility, strengthening control, continuous innovation and common improvement, contribute to the healthy and long-term development of the enterprise. Procurement Section: molding quality in the eyes of Deng Huadan customers
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