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by:NJPE     2020-02-03
Supplier delivery management in production enterprises, it is not difficult to appear suppliers are very long and unreliable delivery, but usually take passive methods such as preparing safe stock and urging goods, but they fail to solve the problem. There is no doubt that the delivery date is related to time. As long as the source of the problem is found and the basic pre-time requirements of the composition of the delivery date are actively understood, the delivery date of the supplier can be effectively managed. The following suggestions are put forward on this issue. 1. Avoid or reduce the change of orders, such as according to the map, reduce the frequent change of orders once issued, whether it is quantity, specifications and drawings, try to change as little as possible, if the change will affect the production plan of the supplier, in the mode of production according to the order, it will directly affect the delivery period, making the delivery period longer. When the customer changes the purchase quantity, changes the delivery date or changes the supplier frequently, the supplier's production plan will also change accordingly. Therefore, it is better for procurement to focus on communicating with suppliers to understand the capacity allocation of suppliers, and suppliers can also understand the actual needs of customers, to make the distribution of suppliers' production capacity meet the changes of actual customer needs. 2. If the delivery period is urgent, there are many customers who go directly to the manufacturer to follow up the delivery period. If only the phone or mail is followed up, the supplier plans not to go to the front row and insert orders from other customers, as a result, the delivery period is postponed. At present, if there is an urgent order delivery period, the scheduler will be arranged directly to the factory to follow up the progress. Ensure delivery. For example, the current delivery period of the Gree project. Until follow-up back to the factory. 3. Actively assist suppliers to solve bottlenecks in production. A certain part of production causes bottlenecks (The slowest part of a process) Will affect the amount of output, naturally affecting the delivery of the entire manufacturing. For bottleneck phenomena in production, such as long time required for nitriding, heat treatment and coating during parts processing, our company actively provides qualified suppliers with reference and assists suppliers in advance delivery. 4. Reducing the delivery time of goods the distance between suppliers and customers, the frequency of delivery and the mode of transportation are all directly related to the delivery time. The use of local suppliers can greatly reduce the delivery time, and it is very important to find a freight company with good credit, reasonable price and high efficiency. If the goods need to be on the pallet, the space utilization rate in the container should also be calculated in detail. If there are not many goods, you can also consider the way of purchasing goods to save shipping costs and time. 5. Reducing administrative operation time can reduce administrative operation time through good communication, correct information and efficient procurement operation process. Procurement operations account for a considerable proportion of the circulation of information within the company and between companies. Fax, e-mail, telephone, etc. can be used, and information can be quickly transmitted to any corner. The improvement of administrative operation time must work together with suppliers to achieve the best results. In addition, after the main production schedule is determined, it is necessary to avoid the occurrence of emergency insertion of orders. Any insertion of orders will cause scheduling confusion and have the effect of expanding and multiplying the delay of delivery. Procurement Section: Deng Huadan, talking about how to control the quality of procurement, and discussing the current situation and prospect of China's mold industry
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