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by:NJPE     2020-02-03
Discussion on the current situation and prospect of China's mold industry (Part4: development expectation of Mold Industry) The development of the mold industry is expected to be the external environment first, which has to be considered. Economic recovery is only a matter of time. There is nothing to worry about. There will naturally be a series of measures to stimulate the economy. Only China's economy needs to be kept at about 8% per year. There is nothing to worry about in the manufacturing and mold industries. Although the profits are no longer, the door to entrepreneurship is open to the ambitious people. It will only be higher than the previous threshold. The time should not be more than two years, because this time is a half-time term, and there is no effect. The most urgent thing is the national leader. Then there is the internal environment. After experiencing the cruel competition in the past few years, many poorly managed enterprises have closed down, and survivors naturally have their own way of survival. Either there are stable customers, or the business is strong, or the quality is excellent, the wine pilgrims come from the company, the company's management personnel, the technical strength also tends to be stable, such a company has passed through the running-in period and entered a stable period. But also has a certain popularity. For such companies, once the external environment improves, the business volume increases and the profit increase can be expected. Then expand according to your own business volume. In terms of price, it will be much better than the current bloody war period. After all, it is not King to fight price wars, and such companies will not survive for a long time. After eliminating some enterprises, the situation of a lot of porridge has changed, and there is no need to engage in price wars. The company's profits have increased, and the wages of workers have increased. In particular, senior technical personnel, such as: senior mold design engineers, senior programming, senior Mold Masters, senior technicians in various positions, will have a large number of needs, because a company wants to develop steadily, such technical strength is essential. In order to stabilize employees, wages will also rise to a certain extent. It is still no problem to rise by 20% to 30% on the current basis. Supplier delivery management
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