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by:NJPE     2020-02-03
Summary of automobile headlight lens mold technology automobile headlight lens, also known as light distribution mirror, is the outermost transparent part of automobile headlight. The transparency of the inner and outer surfaces is extremely high. Plastic parts features: transparent color, extremely high appearance requirements, no spots, gate and putter marks, no bubbles, fog, shrinkage depression, welding line, and other molding defects are allowed. In view of the transparent color of the plastic parts, the use of ordinary flow channels can avoid the color difference of the plastic parts and improve the transparency. In addition, the appearance of the plastic parts is not allowed to have Gate marks, so the side gate gating system is adopted. The mould adopts the combined cooling system of 'vertical cooling water pipe, inclined cooling water pipe and partition plate water well', and the water channels are arranged along the cavity, thus effectively ensuring the precision of plastic parts and the labor productivity of the mould. The plastic parts are pushed out by pushing blocks, which are not only stable, but also leave traces of thread clamping without any influence on the appearance of the products. In the mold forming transparent room, the design of the exhaust system is very important. If the exhaust is poor, the quality of the plastic parts will be seriously affected. In view of the PC material of the product, the design of the exhaust front end is 0. , Around the product with reference to CAE analysis reasonable design exhaust, reduce the occurrence of bubbles or trapped gas during injection molding, resulting in local burns and other problems. Since the mold was put into production, the movement has been stable and smooth, and all quality indexes of plastic parts have met the design requirements. Zhuhai NJPE precision mould Co. , Ltd. is a precision mould manufacturer that integrates the development, production, sales and after-sales service of precision moulds and molded products, mainly covering automobiles, baby carriages and household appliances, office and other fields. Service Hotline: 0756-8593031. Mold House NJPE
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