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by:NJPE     2020-02-03
The importance of safety awareness to mold production safety production is a major event involving the life safety of employees, and is also related to the survival, development and stability of enterprises. NJPE is a precision mould company for automobiles, household appliances, baby carriages, office and other products. There are many mould production points, a wide range of areas and frequent high-risk operations. Therefore, the significance of safe production is very important. Doing a good job in safety production is like treading on thin ice, and no negligence or paralysis is allowed. As a security manager, we must first eliminate the misunderstandings of employees in their ideological understanding. It can be seen from some accidents occurred in the company in recent years that safety awareness is lacking in the man-made factors of accidents, and most accidents are caused by illegal operations. Therefore, the safety awareness of employees is enhanced, the elimination of unsafe behaviors plays a very important role in the process of safe production of enterprises. From the perspective of safety management experience, in order to do a good job in safety production, it is not enough to establish a sound system and increase the number of safety inspections. The key is to improve the safety awareness of front-line workers, realize the fundamental change from passive 'I want to be safe' to subjective 'I want to be safe', thus realizing intrinsic safety. In the management of safety production, in order to realize intrinsic safety, the most fundamental thing is to pay special attention to the main link of raising safety awareness, so that every employee can consciously abide by the safety operation rules, fully understand the importance of observing the rules and disciplines, improve the self-protection ability of each employee, resolutely overcome the 'accustomed' thinking, do things according to the rules and regulations in the work, and do mutual supervision and common improvement, in order to find hidden dangers in time and eliminate hidden dangers. In this way, the safety problems and potential safety hazards in processing operations can be solved and avoided accordingly, and production safety can be effectively controlled. Technical Summary of lens mould for automobile headlights
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