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by:NJPE     2020-01-30
The results of the net-hanging needles of the filter products are optimized. Description of the current situation of use: in the past, the company generally designed the net-hanging needles of the filter mold on the fixed mold plate, which has the following problems: first, there are potential safety hazards, it is difficult for the operator to detect the abnormal situation of the moving model when hanging the net; Second, it is difficult to install and maintain the hanging net needle. It is necessary to remove all the moving mold templates before installing the hanging net needle, which brings great inconvenience to the maintenance and replacement of the hanging net needle. As shown in the figure, improve the former mold structure diagram (1)As shown in the figure, the improved mold structure is shown in the figure (2)As shown. Improvement Plan: In order to eliminate potential safety hazards, it is suggested to design the net hanging needle on the moving mold, so that the operator can find out the possible abnormal conditions such as automatic mold closing in the moving mold when hanging the net; In order to facilitate the installation and replacement of the net pin, it is recommended to design the net pin on the insert and lock the screw from the front, as shown in the figure (3)As shown. In addition, the net needle should be designed to be tapered to facilitate net hanging. Estimated benefits: 1. Eliminate potential safety hazards; 2. It is convenient to install and replace the net hanging needle; 3. It can be popularized and applied to all filter molds that need to design hanging net needles. Mold Manufacturing, the use of quick-change inserts at the end of the wind-sweeping blade mold
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