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by:NJPE     2020-02-04
As the mother of industry, Mould has always been regarded as the basic process equipment for industrial production. With the development of the national economy, the development of mold industry is also required to adapt to it. China's mold industry has become increasingly mature since its start. With the continuous improvement of technology, mold enterprises have been expanding in scale, both in quantity and quality, they all continuously improve their influence and competitiveness on the international stage, among which automobile, household appliances, electronics and other industries are the largest markets in China's mold industry, accounting for more than 80% of the whole mold market, automobile stamping dies have attracted much attention and attention from all over the world. Industry 4. As China's contemporary reform, the core idea is intelligent manufacturing. The highly developed manufacturing industry is a necessary preparation for a country to enter a developed country, this year, with the introduction of new models and the expansion of the production scale of domestic parts, the demand for automobile stamping parts has also increased, industrially developed countries transfer the production of medium and low-grade moulds to developing countries like China, or tend to purchase moulds from these countries to reduce the overall cost of automobile production, this is both an opportunity and a challenge for domestic mold manufacturers. Only by continuously strengthening their own fields and improving their core competitiveness can they stand more steadily and further in the market, at the same time, we can clearly see that many developed countries still occupy an irreplaceable position in the mold technology of high-end cars. The data of the whole automobile body is large, and the coordination workload of various components and parts is large. It is common to repeatedly adjust and modify the data. Under the condition that the delivery date is unchanged, the requirements for automobile stamping die manufacturers are higher, delivery date, quality and technical strength are very important factors to measure a mold strength enterprise, but each enterprise has its own advantages, the combination and cooperation between enterprises also conform to the development of the whole industry, realize the mutual matching and complementary advantages among enterprises, allocate resources reasonably and give full play to the advantages of groups, achieved common development and win-win. With industry 4. With the development of 0, there are higher requirements and standards for intelligent manufacturing in the mold industry. In addition to meeting the quality, cost and cycle requirements of traditional mold enterprises, domestic high-end automobile molds, the research and development and application of new mold technology will become the key development direction of domestic mold manufacturing industry in the future. Multi-Station progressive die is a high precision, high efficiency and long life die developed on the basis of common progressive die. In addition, automatic mold production is becoming increasingly important. For customers, production efficiency is the real impact on the overall production cost. NJPE- World-class automobile stamping die manufacturers, if you are interested in our medical equipment die products, please click on our online customer service, welcome your call to inquire :! NJPE- Advanced equipment and micron-level precision control make customers' products 'meticulous '. Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. NJPE how to CAE product analysis, development prospect of China's automobile Mould Industry
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