'Bearing' precision parts processing alloy should have characteristics

by:NJPE     2020-02-09
Bearing is an important part of mechanical transmission. When machining precision parts of bearings, there are Alloys specially used to manufacture bearing shells and bearing liners in sliding bearings. Such alloys are generally referred to as bearing alloys for short. When the shaft piece rotates, there is severe friction between the Journal and the bearing bush, which causes the surface to heat up, wear and even 'bite to death'. Therefore, the shaft alloy must have the following five characteristics when machining precision parts of the bearing: Bearing (1)Sufficient strength to bear the load. (2) Sufficient strength and wear resistance to avoid premature wear and failure. (3)Good antifriction and wear resistance. (4)Good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. (5) Sufficient toughness and plasticity to resist shock and vibration. These requirements can be met by bearing alloy. The shaft alloy structure is usually composed of hard points evenly distributed on the soft matrix, or vice versa, composed of hard matrix and soft points. When the shaft is running, the soft matrix is quickly worn and the pits are left, the hard particles are prominent due to wear resistance, the raised hard points support the shaft, and the pits can store lubricating oil, therefore, friction factors can be reduced. In addition, the soft matrix structure has impact resistance, vibration reduction and good running-in property, so shaft alloy is an essential choice for precision parts processing bearings.
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