Body parts analysis of the structure features and technical requirements

by:NJPE     2020-07-14
Generally speaking, the complicated structure of the body parts, internal cavity shape, its processing is mainly plane and hole. Technical requirements analysis of the box body parts, should according to technology needs of plane and hole were analyzed. Detail design datum plane precision requirements of the body as the plane, the box body each system and the design of the benchmark for G, H and P, G and H plane or box part assembly benchmark, so it has a smaller high flatness and surface roughness requirements. Hole in the department of technical requirements on the box body is a series of hole, hole spacing and alignment requirements referred to as the hole is. In order to ensure the casing hole with bearing outer ring and the axis of rotation accuracy, hole size precision for IT7, hole geometry error control in the range of size tolerance. In order to ensure the precision of gear meshing, the size of the hole axis between accuracy and parallelism between the hole axis and the same axis alignment error of the hole and Kong Duan face axis straightness error, should have a higher requirements. Between hole and plane position accuracy between the main hole on the box body and box installed base should be parallel degree requirements. This case accessories spindle hole centerline of assembling base ( G, H) The parallelism error is 0. 04mm。 Surface roughness on the surface of the hole and the main important affect the junction surface roughness with nature or contact stiffness, this case accessories mainly hole surface roughness is 0. 8 microns, assembly base surface roughness is 1. 6μm。
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