Body parts processing technology analysis

by:NJPE     2020-06-20
Based on the process of drafting, the choice of the locating datum and the machining on the surface of the main three aspects analyzed enclosure parts processing technology, puts forward the advanced hole finishing process and points out that: the important of parts of the hole of the machining accuracy of become the processing technology of parts of the key. 【 Keywords 】 Process route for; Locating datum choice; Body plane processing; Internal stress; Hole is processing box body parts is the typical parts in mechanical parts, such as the lathe headstock, gear box, gear case, etc. , is one of the basis of machine parts, it will be machines and parts of the spare parts such as shaft, bearing, gear sets and their correct position, and according to the preliminary design good transmission relationship between the mutual movement coordination, combined into a whole. Body parts, after assembly datum plane with the design of casing is installed on the machine, so the processing quality of box body is various, not only affects the assembly precision and movement accuracy, and precision of the machine work, using performance and life has a decisive influence. A, process route request processing on the surface of a lot of the design of the enclosure, such as lathe bed housing, gear boxes, etc in the processing surface, plane easy to guarantee machining precision than hole machining accuracy, so the spindle hole in the enclosure, Main hole) The precision machining accuracy, hole machining accuracy became a crucial problem for process, therefore, in the craft route arrangement I tend to pay attention to several points. ( 1) After the first plane hole machining order first plane, not only removed the blank surface becomes uneven and surface sand inclusion trapped, more important is in the processing and distribution in the plane hole, crossed, looking for is convenient, and when the boring cutter began to boring, will not impact vibration by end face has a rugged, damaged knives, therefore, generally should be best processing plane. ( 2) Rough and finish machining stage to separate enclosure structure is complex, mainly on the surface of the precision demand is high, when the rough machining cutting force, clamping force and cutting heat has a larger effect on precision machining accuracy, precision work immediately if rough machining, so after rough machining for various reasons caused by the internal stress of workpiece deformation is not fully released, cannot eliminate it in finish machining, which leads to casing deformation when processing finished unloading, affecting the precision of the box body eventually, I think in the process of rough machining, the best should be loose unloading fixture for many times, the internal stress is released in a timely manner as far as possible, the greater limit to guarantee the quality of housing. ( 3) Process of centralized or decentralized decision housing rough and finish machining stage separate conform with the principle of procedure, but in the medium and small batch production, in order to reduce the number of used machine tools and fixture, and decrease The Times of case handling and installation can be rough and finish precision machining stage relatively concentrated, as far as possible on the same machine tools. ( 4) Arrange the proper heat treatment process of the casting housing complex structure, uneven thickness, cooling rate, casting is easy to produce internal stress and the surface is hard, therefore, should be reasonable arrangement of sandblasting, quenched and tempered after casting
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