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by:NJPE     2020-01-09

For boring machine, what knowledge do we need to know besides its safe operation procedures? The answer is that the classification, inspection standards and maintenance of boring machines also need to be mastered by us, so let's introduce these knowledge in detail. 1. Classified boring machines can be divided into horizontal boring machines, floor boring and milling machines, Diamond boring machines, coordinate boring machines, etc. Horizontal boring machine: it is a kind of boring machine with the most application and the most extensive performance, which is suitable for single piece and small batch production. Floor boring machine: the workpiece is fixed on the floor platform for processing, which is suitable for processing workpieces with large size and weight, and is generally used more by heavy machinery manufacturers. Diamond boring machine: Diamond or hard alloy tools are used for precision machining, boring holes with high precision and small surface roughness with small feed and high cutting speed, which is suitable for mass production. Coordinate boring machine: it has a coordinate positioning device, which is suitable for processing holes with high requirements on shape, size and hole spacing accuracy.  It can also be used for scribing, coordinate measurement and calibration, and is suitable for small and medium-sized batch production. 2. Inspection standard JB2253-85 'parameters of coordinate boring machine'; JB3753- 84 vertical shaft end of 3220 taper hole of vertical coordinate boring machine; JB2255-85, ZBJ54022- 89 'precision and technical conditions of turntable of coordinate boring machine'; JB2254-85 'precision of coordinate boring machine'; JB/T2937-93 'technical conditions of coordinate boring machine'; GB5289-85, JB4373-86, JB/T4241- 93 'accuracy and technical conditions of horizontal milling and boring machine'; ZBJ54023-89, JB/T5602- 91 'parameters and series spectrum of floor milling and boring machine'; JB/T5765-91, JB/T5601- 91 'parameters and series spectrum of Horizontal Fine boring machine'; JB5564-91 'precision of Horizontal Fine boring machine'; JB/T54010-93 'technical conditions of Horizontal Fine boring machine'; ZBJ52004-88, ZBJ51002- 88 'Horizontal Fine boring machine, boring head precision and technical conditions'. 3. Maintenance the maintenance of boring machine mainly includes cleaning, lubrication and reasonable operation. Daily maintenance can be carried out in three stages: before work: Check whether the boring machine parts are in good condition and whether the handle positions are normal. Clean all parts of the boring machine, pour oil and lubricate the guide rail surface directly, and turn it on at low speed for a certain period of time. Working: correct operation, boring machine overload work is not allowed. If there is any abnormal condition in the boring machine, stop the machine immediately for inspection. After work: clean all parts of the boring machine, move all moving parts of the boring machine to the specified position, and finally turn off the power supply. After the boring machine has been running for 800 h, one-level maintenance must be carried out under the condition of power failure, including the maintenance of the spindle box, the feed gearbox, the workbench, the guide rail, the rear column, the lubrication system and the electrical part, in addition to the external maintenance. Unless noted, the article is original for the processing of Tiecheng machinery precision machinery parts, welcome to reprint! Please indicate the address of this article, thank you. Source: http://www . wxdtc. com/
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