Briefly describe the basic requirements of mold manufacturing

by:NJPE     2020-01-28
In the production of various industrial products, the application purpose of the mold is to ensure the quality of the product, improve its productivity and reduce costs. Therefore, only by correctly designing the mold and selecting a reasonable mold structure, high-quality mold manufacturing technology is needed as a guarantee. Therefore, NJPE tells you that no matter which method is used in precision mold manufacturing, it should meet several elements: 1. High manufacturing precision, in order to produce qualified products and give full play to mold skills, the design and manufacture of moulds must have high precision. The precision of the mold is mainly determined by the precision requirements of the product and the structure of the mold. In order to ensure the precision and quality of the material, the precision of the working part of the mold is usually 2 ~ higher than that of the product ~ Level 4. The mold structure has higher requirements for the cooperation between the upper and lower molds. The parts that make up the mold must have sufficient manufacturing precision, otherwise the mold will not be able to produce qualified products, it may even cause the mold to fail to work properly. 2. The mold with long service life is relatively expensive process equipment. At present, the mold manufacturing cost accounts for about 10% of the product cost ~ 30%, its service life will directly affect the production cost. Therefore, in addition to special circumstances such as small batch production and trial production of new products, moulds are generally required to have a long service life. In the case of mass production, the service life of moulds is more important. 3. The manufacturing cycle is short. The length of the mould manufacturing cycle mainly depends on the level of manufacturing technology and production management. In order to meet the needs of production and improve the competitiveness of products, the mold manufacturing cycle must be shortened as far as possible on the premise of ensuring quality. 4. Low cost of mould the cost of mould is related to the complexity of mould structure, mould materials, manufacturing precision requirements and processing methods, etc. Mold technicians must reasonably design and formulate their processing technology according to product requirements, and strive to reduce mold manufacturing costs. It must be affirmed that the above four indicators are interrelated and influence each other. If the unilateral pursuit of mold precision and service life will lead to an increase in manufacturing costs, it is not advisable to only reduce costs and shorten the manufacturing cycle while ignoring mold precision and service life. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing molds, comprehensive consideration should be given according to the actual situation, that is, on the premise of ensuring the quality of products, the mold structure and manufacturing method suitable for the production of products should be selected, reduce the cost of the mold to a minimum. NJPE- We not only make high-precision moulds, but also actively fulfill our social responsibilities. We are making continuous efforts to build a green and environment-friendly factory. We will develop together with everyone and the society! Call 0756- 8593098, or click on the online customer service on the right to learn about us! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more. What are the manufacturing methods of NJPE for you? NJPE simply describes mold control to achieve precision injection molding
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