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by:NJPE     2020-01-20
Quality is the foundation of all materials. If there is no quality, the so-called brand, development and competition are empty talks. Especially for our physical manufacturing industry, quality is the cornerstone of our enterprise's survival and development. Of course: none of us can guarantee that as long as our manufacturing quality is first-class, our enterprise will be first-class and our enterprise will be a longevity star for 100 years. But I think: if you want to achieve a first-class reputation of the enterprise, then 'first-class quality' is one of the indispensable important conditions. The quality is in my heart . . . , Obviously, quality is controlled by people, so 'people's sense of responsibility' bears the brunt and becomes the focus of attention; No matter under what circumstances and conditions, the human factor should be the first, because people are the main body to manage equipment and materials, so the quality control is people rather than machines or tools. We all know that the quality of products is made by everyone in every link of the enterprise, not by quality inspectors. Therefore, we should pay attention to improving the professional quality of employees and strengthening their personal quality awareness, the importance of quality is deep into the hearts of every employee. Strictly control the quality, start from me, everyone is a quality inspector, the product is confirmed to be unqualified here, it can not flow to the next process; Let's take an example: if I continue to produce after taking over, when the quality of the product is abnormal, it is confirmed that the product is left in the equipment at work, not produced by me. But this abnormal responsibility should be mine, why? Because I should check, if I check, I will find unqualified products and deal with them according to procedures. So this is the result of my failure to do my job. Then quality is in my heart, and it is also the responsibility of people. Therefore: Quality is also a sense of responsibility. If quality problems occur, we all choose to find excuses or shirk responsibility, then how can we achieve first-class quality enterprises? This is an attitude problem. As we are engaged in the manufacturing industry, the processing process, quality control, and interlocking, each subtle link requires employees to work hard, and a slight loss will cause quality hazards. Quality in one's own management control is to cultivate and summarize one's quality consciousness and responsibility consciousness. Everyone is responsible for the quality work, but don't push the quality problem to others, because: Quality is in my heart; We will use actions to prove the importance of quality in our hearts . . . . . . NJPE- The leading domestic mold processing factory has advanced equipment capability, innovative research and development strength, strong financial strength and strong production capacity. Want to know we can call the cooperation hotline:, or click on the right side of the online customer service consultation! Enter NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. com/NJPE--Supplier Quality management measures
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