Challenge ultra-precision machining technology

by:NJPE     2020-02-06
NJPE mould continuously surpasses the customer's goal and strives for perfection. NJPE introduces advanced Japanese imported equipment, WEDM Mitsubishi full series Equipment 10 S, 20 S, 30 V, the machine tool has automatic threading function and AR function. It does not need to correct the parallelism of workpieces to realize high-precision precision parts processing, up to 0. 002mm precision machining. How does NJPE achieve high-precision precision parts processing? Under the technical research of the manufacturing department team, NJPE Mitsubishi wire cut device was used to realize the Shape Accuracy of 0 in the processing of Gree L-shaped split anisotropic fin die project. 003mm, finish Ra0. 4 μ precision machining. It has reached the processing limit of the existing equipment and has a large difficulty coefficient. Can higher precision ultra-precision machining be realized? The answer is yes. With the improvement of customers' requirements for precision, the WEDM process precision machining team organized ultra-precision machining technology through careful preparation and bold attempts, finally, the full size and position accuracy of the following two new projects are achieved by 0. 002mm, finish Ra0. The processing requirement of 4μm, the existing precision level has broken through the processing limit of the existing Mitsubishi WEDM equipment. Item 1: as shown in Figure 1 below, Gree Xinyuan precision parts processing WEDM processing full-size shape and position accuracy is 0. Processing requirements of 002mm: full-scale shape and position accuracy of three red holes is 0. 002 finish Ra0. 4 μm processing difficulties: the material thickness of the three processing positions is inconsistent, and the full size includes the distance dimension between the three hole positions and the zero datum plane. Item 2: as shown in figure 2 above, Japan's Daikin precision parts processing WEDM processing full-size shape and position accuracy is 0. Processing requirements of 002mm: full size, shape and position accuracy 0. 002 finish Ra0. Difficulties in 4μm processing: full-size position 0. 002mm, and the thickness of the workpiece is about 10mm, and the thinnest part of the hole wall is 5mm, which is easy to produce processing deformation. NJPE has the technology and equipment of a complete set of solutions for precision injection molding and precision stamping products, providing one-stop services for customer product projects. Welcome to NJPE official website https://www . njprecisionengineering. Com/learn more.
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