Characteristics of milling cutter for precision parts processing

by:NJPE     2020-01-22
Milling is one of the widely used cutting methods for precision parts. Since the milling cutter is a multi-edge tool with cutter teeth on the surface or end face of a cylinder, the total length of the cutting edge participating in cutting at the same time is relatively long, and there is no empty stroke during cutting, higher cutting speed can be used, so the production and processing efficiency is higher. Each cutter tooth of a milling cutter is equivalent to a turning tool, but milling is intermittent cutting, and the cutting thickness and cutting area are changing at any time, so milling has the following characteristics: 1. In the process of machining and cutting precision parts, the cutting thickness and side cutting amount are changing at any time, so the cutting force fluctuates, causing instability in the cutting process. At the same time, the cutter teeth of the milling cutter cut in and cut out the workpiece in turn during milling, thus generating periodic vibration. 2. Milling belongs to intermittent cutting. The cutting edge is impacted, the tool life is short, and even chipping occurs. 3. In the process of machining and cutting precision parts, the wear on the back of the cutter teeth is intensified, the work hardening phenomenon of the workpiece is serious, and the surface is rough. 4. Milling chip removal is semi-enclosed, so the milling cutter groove should have enough chip tolerance space to avoid chip removal difficulties and even crush the milling cutter teeth. The above article material comes from the internet. If there is any copyright issue, please contact us in time to make changes!
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