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by:NJPE     2020-01-08

The acceleration and deceleration of the gear box is often referred to as the variable speed gear box. Change the transmission direction, for example, we can use two fan gears to transmit the force vertically to another rotating shaft. Change the torque of rotation. Under the same power condition, the faster the gear rotates, the smaller the torque on the shaft, and vice versa. The clutch function of the gear box, in the process of operation, we can separate the two originally meshed gears to achieve the purpose of separating the engine from the load. Such as brake clutch, etc. Distribute power. For example, we can use one engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox spindle, thus realizing the function of one engine to drive multiple loads. Due to the large size and high machining accuracy of the gear ring of the Wind Turbine Gearbox, there is a big gap between China's internal gear ring manufacturing technology and the international advanced level, it is mainly reflected in the tooth making and heat treatment deformation control of helical internal gears. The precision machining accuracy of the box body, planet carrier, input shaft and other structural parts has a very important influence on the meshing quality and bearing life of gear transmission, the quality of assembly also determines the service life and reliability of wind turbine gearbox. In terms of processing and assembly accuracy of structural parts, China has realized that there is a certain gap between the equipment level and the advanced level of foreign countries. In addition to advanced design technology and necessary manufacturing equipment support, the acquisition of high-quality and high-reliability wind turbine gearboxes cannot be separated from strict quality control in every link of the manufacturing process. The lubricating oil in the gear box has the best working temperature range.  It is suggested to design a lubricating oil thermal management system for the lubrication system of the gear box: when the temperature exceeds a certain value, the cooling system starts to work, when the temperature is lower than a certain value, the heating system starts to work and always controls the temperature within the optimal range. In addition, improving the quality of lubricating oil is also an important aspect that must be considered in the lubrication system.  Lubricant products must have excellent low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature stability, and the research on high-performance lubricating oil should be strengthened.
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