CNC machine mechanical parts installation and debugging matters needing attention

by:NJPE     2020-06-30
1, notable matters of installation and debugging of spindle bearing ( 1) Installation and debugging assembly as far as possible, make the main shaft of a single bearing positioning hole and main shaft diameter of axle of eccentricity and bearing inner ring raceway of eccentricity, and make it in the opposite direction, which can let the assembly of eccentricity. ( 2) Two bearing installation and debugging of the two support main shaft bearing installation, should be made before and after two support bearing of eccentricity in the same direction, and properly choose the size of the eccentricity. The precision of the front bearing should be higher than the accuracy of the rear bearing a grade, so that the assembly after the spindle assembly the front end of the positioning of eccentricity on the surface of the smallest. In the maintenance of machine tool spindle bearing removal, for the original manufacturers have adjust bearing eccentric location, so be ready before disassembly circumferential direction location marker, guarantee the repackaging and spindle bearings after the original position unchanged, to reduce the influence of the spindle assembly. Interference fit of the bearing assembly with the hot charging or cold pack process method for installation, don't brute force break, to avoid damage to the bearings in the installation process, the property of machine tool. 2, installation and debugging matters needing attention of ball screw nut pair of ball screw nut pair is only used to carry axial load. Radial force, bending moment, ball screw pair causes as well as the additional surface contact stress load, which could cause permanent damage to the screw. Therefore, the ball screw nut pair installed to the machine tool, should be paid attention to: ( 1) Ball nut should be within the effective stroke movement, must be in the configured limit on both ends of the trip, to avoid the nut, the process from the screw shaft, and make the ball fall off. ( 2) Because the ball screw nut pair of high transmission efficiency, can lock, when used for vertical transmission, such as parts not balance weight, it must stop to prevent the transmission or motor, after losing electricity due to component weight of inverse transmission, prevent the inverse transmission methods available: worm gear and worm drive, electric brake, etc. ( 3) The axis of the screw must be parallel to the axis of a matched with the guide rail, machine tools and the center of the bearing and the nut on both ends of the center must be three points in a line. ( 4) Ball screw nut pair installed to the machine, don't remove the nut on the screw shaft. Such as come must be unloaded, want to use auxiliary units, or loading and unloading when the ball is likely to fall off. ( 5) Nut into the nut when installing hole, to avoid the impact and eccentric. ( 6) In order to prevent the chip in, wear ball screw nut pair, can be mounted to the protective devices such as crease confinement, spiral steel with case, the screw shaft is completely protected. In addition, the dust long can increase the shield on both ends of the screw nut. 3, linear rolling guide installation and debugging matters needing attention, 1) Install light to take light put, avoid knock against effect the precision of guide rail line. ( 2) Sliding block are not allowed to be removed guide or exceed the schedule and push back. If due to installation difficulties, need slide block, to use guide rail. ( 3) Linear rolling guide used in pairs, Lord, vice guide, first install leading rail vice, set the guide of the benchmark side and installation steps of the benchmark side stick tightly, fastening bolt installation, vice as a benchmark, and then to dominate the rail alignment installation guide. Find it is refers to two guide parallelism and flatness. Finally, in turn, tighten the slider of the bolt.
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