Cnc Machining aluminum parts or die-cast aluminum parts are good! ! !

by:NJPE     2020-02-12
Is CNC Machining aluminum parts or die-cast aluminum parts good? Aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the Earth's crust and has good plasticity and processability, so it has diversified processing methods, common ones such as CNC machining and die casting have different machining characteristics. Is CNC machining better or die casting better? Taking stock of the advantages of these two processing methods: CNC processing is a kind of digital precision machining. CNC processing aluminum parts has the advantage of small batch and efficient production, which can greatly reduce the number of tooling, because CNC machining is mainly processed by programming, and cnc has three-axis, four-axis and five-axis compared with other common machining equipment, complicated tooling is not required for machining parts with complex shapes, A large reduction in the number of tooling can reduce production preparation, increase processing efficiency and effectively save labor costs. CNC Machining aluminum parts have good precision and stable quality, which is suitable for high processing requirements. Die-cast aluminum parts are a processing process that unifies pressure, speed and time through three factors: Machine, mold and aluminum parts. Aluminum parts die casting process has the advantages of high efficiency, simple process, high Tolerance grade of castings, good roughness and so on, and has now become an important part of China's casting industry. Die casting process is a special processing method with little and no cutting, which has developed rapidly in modern metal processing technology. Die-casting aluminum parts processing and CNC processing aluminum parts have different processing advantages. Die-casting industry is an industry that has developed rapidly in modern times and has its own advantages. CNC processing also has unique advantages, both methods have their own advantages.
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