CNC machining center in the use of metal processing manufacturing industry

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CNC machining center in time: the use of metal processing manufacturing industry - 2019 05 - 24 17:26:26

mechanical processing factory production application of nc precision machining center cut you know? Understand that it is used to do what? To what kind of work? His features or standard in similar manufacturing machinery and equipment what are the advantages? What's the difference? What characteristics do you know? Production and processing processes you know? If I don't understand the words, follow below learning in numerical control machining center cut in the use of metal processing manufacturing industry!

cutting CNC machining center and CNC lathe structure is the same as the usually, production process is consistent, it is basically development trend for the CNC lathe usually, is not the same, this is based on the system control fully automatic CNC lathe processing, don't be traditional mechanical equipment or manual type manipulation.

cutting CNC machining center is mainly used for the complex mechanical parts, mold parts production and processing. Learning training cut shall understand the principle of numerical control lathe numerical control precision machining center, the knowledge of CNC blade specifications and use. Should also be aware of nc lathe programming.

CNC machine a variety of forms, different kinds of nc machine tools in terms of form, although the behavior difference, but there are a lot of things in common. Below to XK5040a type nc machine tool column type lifting its form milling machine as an example in detail.

Ⅺ saw 040 a type of CNC machine tool column type milling machine is equipped with lifting Ⅳ four 3 ma CNC machine tool, select the major communication digital ac servo motor drive. Work station of the shearing machine part of the blade part, feeding part, water cooling, RunHua part of hydraulic lifting platform as a part of the Angle head part. Bed body internal layout reasonable, has good stiffness, adjust the anchor bolt base consists of four, is advantageous to the numerical control lathe to carry out the standard adjustment, cutting oil receiver badly built in CNC lathe.

in mechanical processing plants, production and processing order should be based on the structure of the components and the distribution of the embryo, MAO and its precise positioning clamping must consider that most important is the rigidity of the steel is not damaged. Order usually should be undertaken according to the following standards:

( 1) On the process of production and processing process of precise positioning and clamping under can't harm, crossed the middle of a general numerical control lathe processing process more fully considered.

( 2) After first conduct within the form process, adding to carry out the production and processing process.

( 3) With same precision positioning, clamping method or the same knife in the production of precision machining process is the best connection, to reduce repeated precise frequency, tool change frequency and frequency move curved line machine.

( 4) With multiple installations in the process, to distribution of steel stiffness destroy small process.

in mechanical processing factory, CNC machining center cutting production and processing except having the features of general milling machine, also has given features:

1, after repeated turning precision positioning can production and processing, to carry out parts of production and processing;

2. Can production and processing of CNC lathe was not able to production and processing, or to production and processing of parts and components, such as using mathematical modeling complex curve parts of narrative and stereo space cant class components.

3, production efficiency, nc machine tools are usually not used special fixture, special technology, when changing a steel only enabled stored in nc machine tool equipment production and processing of the application process, the special cutting tools and adjust CNC blade statistics only, thus greatly shorten the production cycle time. Second, nc machine tools have CNC lathes, boring machine, planer, make process focus and the productivity can be increased sharply. Another, numerical control machine tool spindle bearing is full of CVT speed ratio and feed rate, and thus beneficial to choose the best tool and durable;

4, production and processing, high precision, stable production and processing quality, single pulse equivalent of CNC machine tool equipment at present stage is usually to 0. 001 mm, and high precision nc machine tools to 0. 1 microns, and the other, the numerical control lathe processing also prevents the practical work personnel's error operation;

5, manufacturing automation technology level is high, can relieve the operators work efficiency. Is good for enterprise production and management automation technology;

6, milling machine processing adaptability is strong, good coordination capacity, can produce processing contour looks like very complicated or cannot manipulate specifications of parts and components, such as abrasive parts, cover parts, etc. ;

7, tell from the basic principle of drilling, whether in end milling or intermittent Zhou Xi belong to drilling method, and not as continued as milling drilling, and regulations on CNC blade is higher, has excellent impact resistance, ductility, and wear resistance. In dry drilling test cases, the rules also have excellent red soft;

CNC milling is inside a very common in city machinery factory, machinery and equipment, perhaps, he is very commonly used in mechanical manufacturing industry is full. Only, the city machinery factory is punctuated with technology professional operational staff, so it manufacture metal parts in the production and processing manufacturing industry is very famous.

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