CNC precision parts processing factory Burr generation and removal, machine tool masters know the knowledge points, you don't want to know! ! !

by:NJPE     2020-02-12
CNC precision parts processing factory Burr is a very helpless product of metal processing manufacturers. CNC precision parts processing factory often produces Burr in the process of cutting parts, which is difficult to completely avoid, the existence of burrs not only reduces the precision of the workpiece surface, but also affects the assembly performance of the product, accelerates the wear between equipment and thus reduces the service life. Nowadays, with the continuous progress of society, CNC precision parts processing plants pay more and more attention to burr removal. Although burrs are small in precision parts processing, they directly affect the quality and quality of products. 1. The traditional way of manual deburring is steel file, sandpaper and grinding head; The edge trimmer has gradually replaced these traditional methods. Nowadays, there are many chemical and physical deburring methods, but manual removal is still an irreplaceable method. 2. Chemical deburring. Using the principle of electrochemical reaction, parts made of metal materials are automatically and selectively deburred. It is suitable for internal burrs that are difficult to remove, parts after heat treatment and finishing. Electrolytic deburring is suitable for removing burrs of cross holes in hidden parts or parts with complex shapes, with high production efficiency, and deburring time generally takes only a few seconds to tens of seconds. This method is commonly used for deburring gears, splines, connecting rods, valve bodies, crankshaft oil circuit orifice, etc. , as well as sharp corner rounding, etc. The disadvantage is that the vicinity of the burr of the part is also subjected to electrolysis, and the surface will lose its original luster and even affect the dimensional accuracy. http://www . aamfg. com. Cn/the above article comes from Nanjing Precision Engineering Co. , Ltd the above pictures and texts are searched on the internet. If the copyright of the work is involved, please inform us at the first time. We will confirm the copyright according to the supporting materials you provide and delete the content immediately!
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