CNC precision parts that can be 'carved' on the hair! ! !

by:NJPE     2020-02-07
CNC precision parts processing is a technology that uses CNC machine tools to process. It has many advantages such as high production efficiency, high degree of automation, large processing range, etc. And it plays a vital role in the research and development of new products. What is most worth mentioning is the speed and precision of precision parts processing, which are two extremely important indexes of metal processing. The adoption of high-precision and high-speed processing technology can greatly improve the processing efficiency and the quality and grade of products, at the same time, it can greatly shorten the production cycle and delivery time, and improve the market competitiveness. When CNC precision parts are processed at high speed, only the cutting speed of turning and milling has reached 5000 ~ Above 8000 m/min; The spindle revolution is 30000 RPM (Some up to 100 thousand RPM)Above; The movement speed of the Workbench (Feed speed) : When the resolution is l Micron, at 100 m/min (Some to 200 m/min)Above, the resolution is 0. At 1um, above 24 m/min; The speed of automatic tool change is within 1 second; The feed speed of small line segment interpolation reaches 12 m/min. In terms of machining accuracy, in the past 10 years, the machining accuracy of ordinary numerical control machine tools has increased from 10um to 5um, while that of precision machining centers has increased from 3 ~ 5um, increased to 1 ~ 1. 5um, and ultra-precision machining accuracy has begun to enter the nanoscale (0. 01um). Hair diameter is roughly 60 ~ 90 microns, CNC precision parts machining accuracy is comparable to carving on the hair. Nanjing Precision Engineering Co. , Ltd focuses on: CNC finishing supporting services for automation, aviation, basic scientific research, optical fiber, communication, semiconductor, electronics, medical devices, auto parts suspension and other equipment accessories. Processed Materials: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, nickel-based alloy (invar, kovar) , High-temperature alloy, tungsten-copper alloy, engineering plastics and other special difficult-to-process materials. Processed Products: precision mechanical parts, medical precision parts, aviation parts, instrument parts, optical fiber communication parts, electronic products parts, auto parts, shock absorbers, suspension parts, non-standard components, connectors, alloy parts, hardware shells high-standard products in industries such as radiators. The management personnel are the elites who are familiar with ISO9001 standard and specification. Combining ERP system and bar code management, part of the quality control process adopts Internet of Things technology to ensure the quality of products and the authenticity, real-time and traceability of data, prompt delivery; At the same time, it is in line with international advanced technology and standard testing methods, and has truly achieved Asian prices and American technical standards to ensure high quality; We have more than 20 years of experience in CNC batch processing of various non-standard high-precision parts; We sincerely welcome customers and friends from all walks of life to contact us for inquiries and drawings and samples. Contact hotline: 400-0769382.
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