Control mechanism introduction of mechanical processing equipment, protective devices, and test the safety of the maintenance requirements

by:NJPE     2021-01-30
Article we talked about the general requirements of mechanical processing equipment safety requirements, believe that readers should know about this, today, we continue to in-depth knowledge about this aspect, introduce the following content, as follows: the requirements of control mechanism, the requirements of the protection device and inspection maintenance requirements, on the three parts to the following detailed in this paper. 1. Control agency requirements ( 1) For the mechanical processing equipment, should be set up to prevent accidental starting and dangerous protection device, to do this is to protect the safety of the operator. ( 2) Control circuit to ensure that won't produce risk after the line is damaged. ( 3) If is automatic or semi-automatic control system, then on the function requirement, can ensure that eliminate the risk of accident or sets protection device. ( 4) If the power is in the process of working equipment accidentally cut off, when braking and clamping the two actions cannot interrupt; When the power is in again, equipment can not start automatically. ( 5) If the device has a bigger risk, so it should also be equipped with a monitoring device. 2. The requirement of the protective device protection device includes two kinds, one for safety protection device, secondly, emergency stop switch. ( 1) A safety protection device. Structure: simple structure, rational layout, and flange not sharp edges. b。 Performance requirements: within the specified life, have enough reliability, stiffness and strength, good stability, and corrosion resistance. c。 Should safety protection device and equipment operation interlock for the safety protection device before work, the equipment can't start running. d。 Photoelectric, induction and other safety protection device should also set the alarm device, when the malfunctioning of the device itself, can be alert. ( 2) Emergency stop switch a. The shape of the emergency stop switch color should distinguish with general control switch, in general, the color of the emergency stop switch to red. b。 Emergency stop switch position to facilitate the operator to the layout of the operation, and ensure that won't happen. c。 When press the emergency stop switch, should all movement of instantaneous termination equipment, if the device has the inertia, should also be interlocked with brake or clutch, quick end run. 3. Inspection and maintenance requirements ( 1) General requirements of mechanical processing equipment in the transport, handling, installation, use, disassembly and maintenance, to obey the rules, can not break the rules. ( 2) Daily maintenance of mechanical processing equipment for refueling or daily check, the staff can not enter the danger zone. ( 3) Danger zone if the maintenance of equipment in dangerous area for maintenance, must complete the corresponding protective measures, to prevent danger. Unless noted, original articles for citizen mechanical machinery factory, welcome reproduced! Reprint please indicate the address, thank you. Article source: http://www. wxdtc。 com/
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