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Custom precision injection parts blue ABS manifold connector


Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

Product’s Parameters

Custom blue ABS manifold connector

1. Material:blue ABS
2. Process:injection+ deburrs
3. Service available:OEM and ODM service ,the client has provided STEP, CAD, and 4. PDF technical drawings with us, our production and the quality control is according to the technical drawings seriously.
5. Roughness:Ra1.6 and Ra3.2
6. Tolerance:ISO2768-M/F with dimension’ inspection report
7. Dimensions:OD: 96mm;ID:77mm;length:72mm
8. Traceability:Material heat no, production batch, delivery batch
9. Certification:ISO9001,SGS, Rohs
10. Net Weight:0.06KGS
11. Packing:inner: bubble poly bag; outer: carton box or poly wooden case/pallet, final: with # straps

The material is blue ABS,the net weight is 0.06KGS. The process is injection and deburrs.


There are no cold cracks, shrinkage holes and penetrating defects on the surface.


The regular quantity is 50000 pieces every month.


If you send us a formal inquiry, we will offer free similar samples, or free technical drawings’ design.



You are always welcome to contact NJPE, we will reply to you within 8 hours absolutely after the receipt of your questions or enquiries.

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