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Custom tube steel welding sleeve for engine oil pipe


Nanjing Precision Engineering Co., ltd

Product’s Parameters

customized stainless steel sleeve for oil input

1.material:Stainless steel

2.process:Pipe cutting+ CNC turning+ deburrs

3.Service available

OEM and ODM service,the client has provided the real original samples with us, we have measured and designed STEP, CAD, and PDF drawings for client freely.


5.Tolerance:ISO2768-M/F with dimensions’ inspection report.

6.Dimensions:OD:22mm;ID:15mm, length:30mm

7.traceability:Material heat no, production batch, delivery batch

8.certification:ISO9001,SGS, Rohs

9.Net Weight:0.23kgs


inner: bubble poly bag; outer: carton box or poly wooden case/pallet, final: with # straps

The dimension is OD:22*ID:15*L:30mm,the material is steel,and the process is pipe cutting, turning,and deburrs.the key point of this sleeve is that there is a groove in his inner pipe wall with a width of 3.56 mm and a diameter of 16.81 mm.the net weight is 0.23 KGS.


Our engineering team spend 3 weeks in R&D,the regular quantity is 3000 pieces every month.


If you send us a formal inquiry, we will offer free similar samples, or free technical drawings’ design.



You are always welcome to contact NJPE, we will reply to you within 8 hours absolutely after the receipt of your questions or enquiries.

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